100% Biker 221

100% Biker 221
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Much to our surprise, this month we found that 222 is an ‘angel number’. Apparently, if you’ve ever noticed number sequences recurring on clocks, timers, number plates, billboards and just about anything else, this could be your angels trying to get in touch. Honest, we’re not making this up. 222, it seems, means that you’re on the right track, in the right place, at the right time. And issue #222 of the finestcustom magazine in the world will prove that.

This month we bring you a free extra magazine in the shape of our Custom Harley supplement, featuring fine builds and, as a bonus, this year’s Super Rally. We also have a gorgeous Harley courtesy of Mr James Rogers, a spot on Yamaha flat tracker, a homebuilt Suzuki DR650 cafe racer, a sleek Honda CB400 and the final part of Odgie’s latest project build. We waxed our moustaches and went to the BikeShed; got all gooey-eyed on the RSPCA Run; got egg-cited at the Wirral Egg Run Tribute Ride Out; counted the minutes at the Twisted Iron Speed Build; ventured to Europe for the Poznan Motor Show and kicked back at Kickback. Our angels were looking after us.