100% Biker 219

100% Biker 219
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We would normally print you some pithy and amusing intro into what’s in the next issue. But the truth is we all started on our Easter eggs a little earlier and so we’re feeling a bit sickly. Obviously this won’t stop us having just one more Cadbury’s Crème Egg (other confectionery is available)…

While we’re trying to eat the entire cocoa product of a small South American country, you can feast your eyes on the tiny and utterly gorgeous Speed Weevil where engineering meets jewellery; we have a skinny Harley Panhead chop built in a shed in Finland, a Suzuki GS550 from café racer extremo Tony Garnham-Parks; a mighty and magnificent Martek; Old Empire’s build for Triumph; a Victory which survived a tumble over a cliff and the first part of Odgie’s latest budget build. We also bring you huge – and we mean HUGE – coverage of the Irish Motorbike Show, plus we’ve been out and about to The Race of Gentlemen in California, the Barrel Bikers Show in Milton Keynes, Save The Choppers in Germany, Brightona in – well, you guess! – and down in the woods for some pre-65 trialling. All this and all the usual good stuff. If you want to send us Crème Eggs as tokens of your appreciation, don’t let us stop you… Really…