100% Biker 215

100% Biker 215
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Dope, grass, weed, Herb, Mary Jane – some of the common words used for marijuana, but a new nickname for the drug is ‘215’. This comes from the Californian law, Proposition 215, legalising the use of medical marijuana and not, as you might think, from the delightful high you will get from issue 215 of the finest custom motorcycle magazine in Europe.

Dominating the cover and centrespread is ‘Lord of the Ages’, the latest stunning show-winning build from P&D Customs based around a Hinckley Triumph. There’s also an proper chopper Kawasaki all the way from Finland; a Suzuki GSX750 all the way from, er, Derbyshire; the BSA on which Odgie beat Guy Martin at Dirt Quake (have we mentioned that before?); Iain’s dream bobber; a recreation of a racing Harley and the first part of Li’l Mark’s MZ build (yes, THAT Li’l Mark!). With bigger and better events coverage than anyone else, we’ve been out and about to Twisted Iron: The Happening, Avernus MCC’s Underworld Rally, Tees Riders MCC’s Rusty Nuts Rally, Born Free, Glemseck 101, Redmax’s Retro Roast Up, Revival in Rotherham and Mobile Chaos MCC’s Kamikaze Cave Run Rally. With all that, who needs drugs?!