100% Biker 214

100% Biker 214
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You may not know this, but Rule 214 of the Highway Code tells you to beware of animals and, should your road be blocked by a herd of cows or deer or giraffes, then to stop and turn your engine off until they’ve gone. Well, you’ll want something to read while you’re waiting and we recommend #214 of 100% Biker.

The new issue sees the closest replica of the Captain America Panhead from Easy Rider that we’ve seen; the Snipe Yamaha SR400, the latest stylish offering from Old Empire Motorcycles; a JAP-engined build with a unique tank; a warplane-inspired Suzuki GSX-R750; a rebadged Chang Jiang 750; Chopper Kulture’s Dominatrix build and the bike Go Talamine built for Yamaha. 

We’ve been out and about, bringing you the biggest and the best coverage on The Trip Out, the Ace Café Stunt Festival, the Malle Mile, Artistry in Iron, the Bad Wabbit Shindig, Tomintoul Motorcycle Gathering; Rock & Bike Fest; NCC Cheddar’s Custom Show and a truly mad Monkey Bike Run. Plus there’s all the usual stuff like the latest news,

products, Shedhead’s sage advice and the finest events listing you’ll find. All in the latest edition of the UK’s top custom bike magazine!