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It scarcely seems possible that it’s that time of year when your latest copy of 100% Biker is supplied with an annual events guide, providing details of everything you need to know for everywhere you want to go.

It is, as you would expect from us, the most comprehensive list available, taking in rallies old and new, big and small, as well as shows, pub meets, ride outs, bike nights and autojumbles. We provide as much information as we can, but please, always check with the organisers beforehand as there can be unforeseen last minute changes, and it’s a vexing experience to ride a hundred miles and find yourself in an empty field. Unless, of course, that was your original intention.

We’re constantly surprised by the number of events each year for many reasons and it’s always good to see the same rallies not only surviving but positively thriving into another year. The Farmyard Party, as Grav mentions at the other end of this issue, will be celebrating its 30th birthday this June while it’s a source of pleasure for us all to have learned that not only will Shakespeare County Raceway be holding a full calendar of events – including, of course, the Bulldog Bash – this year, but is also booked up for the 2017 season. With the plans for building at the site seemingly rolling, we can’t say what will happen beyond that, but, for the time being, we still have one of our favourite drag racing venues. (As I’ve urged before, please support Shakey as much as possible in the coming months. This fight isn’t over until it’s over).

Each year there seem to be new events emerge, and 2016 is no different. When we finally unleashed the hamsters from their typing wheels (it’s a lie, I have to be that typing hamster because their little paws kept getting stuck between the keys), we found that we had details of some 450 events and, remember, because May has suddenly sneaked up upon us, that’s actually over eight months and not even an entire year. Even more remarkable is that we know, as hard as we’ve tried, there will be one or two we’ve missed out because rally secretaries forgot to send in details (and I bet that there’s one or two of you blushing and shuffling nervously in your chairs right now) or because they haven’t even been organised yet. 

It’s down to every one of us to support these events – that means you, not your mates or the bloke down the road or ‘someone who’s bound to go’. You. Whether it’s an afternoon show in a pub garden or a huge three day rally, people give up their time and effort to organise these events and ensure you have a good time. Very few get any reward out of it, other than a good weekend and the occasional thank you. Out of 450 shows and rallies, there’s going to be one near you. Go along, say hello, enjoy yourself and say thank you that there’s people out there keeping our typing hamsters and your weekends busy.