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Many years ago, when I was too young and too feisty and wanted to take on the world, a good friend of mine said; “what goes around, comes around”. It was a while before I came to believe it, that sometimes life throws you a curveball and you have to choose whether to drop that ball or take it and run with it.

Thus, as 2014 opens, I find myself back on an independent magazine where everyone (rather than just the frontline editorial team), from the bottom to the top, is passionate about creating the finest custom bike magazine in the world. It reunites me with old friends—for example, this is the first time that Odgie and I have worked on the same title since AWoL, almost 16 years ago—as well as new.

Many of you will already know me, and I expect that, if you don’t, someone will point me out to you at a rally or show (probably while saying “Run! Run in the opposite direction!”). That’s why I figured that you didn’t need a photo of me gurning at you from above these words. And after all, I do have a well-documented ability to mysteriously vanish when a camera is raised.

But, of course, 100% Biker isn’t about me; it’s about the readers and the builders and the owners. Even after all these years, I still get an unparalleled kick out of seeing a new bike and find myself filled with constant respect for all aspects of this scene—those people who give up their time to organise events, to run MAG groups, to build or simply to turn up at an event and give their support. We have, in the UK, a custom scene that is unrivalled anywhere else in the world in its innovativeness, passion and commitment.

From those who use your motorcycles every day, to those who build show bikes which storm international shows, I salute you, one and all.

There will, naturally, be changes in the magazine in time, because to stand still is to go backwards, but be not afeared—it’s all good! 100% Biker has a unique heart, an ability to embrace every part of this vibrant and crazy world that is, for us, simply life.

Yes, what goes around, comes around. And you know what? I’m still ready to take on the world. Not alone, but with each and every one of you out there.