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So I’m at a rally the other day, talking shite with a few folk… as you do.

We’re talking bikes and customs, and the subject of insurance comes up as people compare what they’re paying for what bike. Most of us, thankfully for our wallets, are very old and so our insurance quotes just cause a sharp intake of breath rather than the mild apoplexy it had, say, ten or 15 years ago. Most of us run modified bikes of one sort or another, but even so, most are reasonably happy with what we’re paying to keep our bikes on the road.

One lad though, who’s running a chop with a big motor, says that his insurance is really quite a lot lower than you’d perhaps expect. When we question this, he smiles and says it’s ’cos he hasn’t declared the modifications to his bike (frame, exhausts, forks, wheels, brakes, etc.). When we make sucking through our teeth noises, he just laughs disdainfully and says something along the line of “some rebels you lot are…” and stalks away to get himself another pint.

The thing is, while this does obviously work, it’s really not a good idea. Insurance companies are famous for trying to do their damndest to avoid paying out in the event of you claiming, and will use any means possible to not have to hand over any dosh. You have to be so careful these days with this because if you do have a prang, then they will try and wriggle out of their responsibilities, and your bike not being quite what you said it was is something they’ll jump on like a shot.

A friend of a friend was killed recently on his ’fighter and even though the accident was completely not his fault, the fact that matey hadn’t declared his bike’s mods means that it looks like they’re going to be able to wash their hands of the whole affair. That means that it’ll not only leave his poor family traumatised by the horrific death of their loved one, but also liable for any costs the other party’s insurance company may claim. That’s a horrible thing to contemplate, isn’t it? And it could’ve all been avoided if the bloke hadn’t been so keen to save himself 50 quid or so…

So, if your bike’s modified and you haven’t told your insurance company then, really, do so. It won’t cost you much more (I have three modded bikes on a policy and it’s less than £200 a year), and it might save a hell of a lot of money and grief if, heaven forbid, anything does go wrong.

Mind how you go out there…