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Okay, I’ve had enough now. It seems to’ve been winter for as long as I can remember; a lot longer than it has any right to have been anyway. I’ve just come back from getting a puncture fixed in the back tyre of me Kat, and I’m a little confused; I was fairly convinced that I lived in Suffolk, but it appears somebody, without even so much as a by-your-leave, has transplanted East Anglia several thousands of miles to the right and deposited it unceremoniously in Siberia…

I mean, I know I’ve yet to see any nomadic yak herders pass my window (although a bloke in a furry hat did wander by earlier), and no mammoth bones’ve yet come to light while I’ve been digging the garden, but the wind out there is positively frigid (although it just says it doesn’t fancy me), and the snow flurries have more than a hint of the Arctic about them.

But, I’m reliably informed (well, by people on telly anyway), better weather is on its way. Yep, for the last few weeks it’s been almost impossible to turn on the haunted fish-tank and not be confronted by earnestly gurning monkeys with computer-generated displays assuring us that 2013 will be a better year than 2012… or 2011… or 2010 etc etc. And while I believe them about as much as I do David Cameron when he says “we’re all in this together”, I want to, I really do. I want a proper summer; I want to ride on dry roads; I want to sweat under my leather; I want to make my crash helmet actually need to have a removable and washable lining.

So, I’ve decided, I’m going to try and change from my usual glass-half-empty mentality to a much more positive magically-self-filling-glass-completely-full-of-Old-Peculiar way of thinking. The summer is going to be great; it’s going to be long, warm and sunny; the roads are going to be empty; and speed camera-wielding coppers are going to be not on any of the roads I’m ear’oling along. My bikes are going to run like watches, and the ones I’ve got to sell (boo!) are going to go for top wedge. Yep, I can see it all now; 2013 is going to rock!

And, hell, even if doesn’t, I’m fcuking off to Tenerife for a week very soon so I don’t at this moment give a shit. See you next month!