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So, 2013 then!

We’re into a new year… well, I’m assuming we are; I’m actually writing this on December 11, and as everyone knows(?), the world is going to end on December 21, so you may not get to read this…

Anyway, assuming that we are all still here (which, between you and me, I kinda suspect we will be), we’re into a new year. This year, I hope, will be a slightly better one than last year; I’d like to be able to see out of both me eyes this year please, and I’d really like not to have to write so many farewells to dead friends or attend as many funerals please. I’d also like a summer, please, if that’s not too much trouble? Thank you.

This particular issue of the world’s best custom bike magazine (yes, of course I mean Biker, what else would I be talking about?) is a slightly different one to the norm. For a start we’re theming it along the lines of a bike show, with the feature bikes as winners of the categories you get at shows. There’s a very good and very simple reason for this: they are, in my ’umble opinion, the best of their kind. No ifs, no buts, they’re the best. I mean, your bike has to be good to get into a magazine, that much we all know, but these really are good.

Of course, like the judging at bike shows, everything is subjective, and I’m sure there’ll be folk out there who don’t agree with me. That’s fine, I’ve not always agreed with the judges at bike shows too (in fact, there have been times when I’ve wondered whether they’ve taken leave of their senses…), but hey, that’s just biking, isn’t it? And, as the old saying goes, it’d be a bloody dull world if we all liked exactly the same things as everyone else does…

And, as if to emphasise that, this issue we’re also running an article on what we, the staffers and freelancers who find the bikes that we feature in this ’ere magazine, thought was the best bike of last year, the most outstanding machine of 2012. The choices have surprised me too, so turn to page 17 and see if you agree with them.

Right, that’s it, I’m off to do me Christmas shopping (December 11, remember) and/or go and hide under the bed before the whole world goes ka-nlooey on the 21st. See you next month… or will I?