100% Biker 151

100% Biker 151

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know, New Year was ages ago, but this is the first chance I’ve had to say it to you and my mum always told me to be polite, so…

In ‘Bulging Sack’, the Letters pages, this month, you’ll see a missive from Rick Hulse, the Chairman of the NABD (do I really need to tell you what it stands for? I do hope not…), asking for your help. The NABD, you see, are a proper charity, and by that I mean that just about every penny you donate or raise for them actually goes towards doing what they were set up to do; helping disabled bikers back onto the road. A lot of, if not the majority of, charities can’t claim this – they do their best, sure, but a sizeable chunk of your wonga goes to admin’ and paying salaries, etc. (I know this for a fact as someone I know actually works for a major and very well known one in London, standing out in public places getting people to sign up to them, and she earns more an hour than I do!). The NABD, though, put near as dammit 100 percent of the money raised into getting folk back onto the road (there are expenses, as Rick says in his letter) and have to be respected for doing just that.

The problem is that, in this time of economic recession, donations to them have been tailing off, while at the same time, demand for their help has been increasing. None of us are getting any younger, and let’s face it, we’re an old subculture these days (most of us are in at least our 40s), and with the nationwide decline in driving standards, more and more of us need their help. It’s sad, but it’s true. The thing is, the NABD don’t need massive influxes of money (although that would be nice, of course); they just need people to think about donating to them when they hold a charity event rather than a large, faceless organisation who are probably going to use your money to pay their running costs rather than help the people you intended them to when you sent it. Their unofficial motto is ‘For Bikers, By Bikers’, and isn’t that something worthy of a bit of support? Us helping our own? I think so…


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