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100% Biker 149
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So, fancy dress at rallies then, what’s the deal with that? At more and more rallies these days folk are making a real effort to get dressed up and not just at the ones that have traditionally been ‘dressing up’ rallies like The Over The Edge or the Perverts in Leather. No, these days it’s rare to go to any gathering of the tribes and not find people in costumes, isn’t it?

Now I’m aware that for more than a few folk out there this sort of thing is regarded as being not the done thing – it’s not suitable ‘biker’ behaviour in their eyes. A good few years ago I might have agreed with them to a certain extent, when I was concerned about the biker image, but these days I really can’t be arsed to get upset about something so trivial. Rallies are about us gathering together and behaving in a manner that might not be appropriate in ‘normal’ society, they’re about us having fun, aren’t they? So dressing up seems okay to me in the grand scheme of things. I mean, I have no interest in doing it meself, you know, but if you want to do it then good luck to you.

As a photographer, I applaud your efforts as you make my job so much easier. Can’t quite get me head around blokes dressing up as women, mind you, but then I’ve never understood that – the great Rich King once expressed it perfectly in one of his cartoons when he had a big burly bloke in stockings and a dress say, “’S all a bit of fun, we dress up as women at New Year, Christmas, fun runs, parties, stag nights, you name it, any excuse… but we’re not poofs!”

And, on a related subject, why is it always people you really don’t want to see naked, are always the ones who are first to take their clothes off? No, they are, they really are. I mean, it’s rarely good-looking people with fit bodies (and, yes, by that I mean women), is it? No, it’s always blokes who are genetically unable to pass a branch of Greggs, isn’t it? The sort of bloke who really shouldn’t get too close to the sea for fear of Greenpeace trying to roll them back in…

Oh yeah, one final thing – next issue we’ve got a new Odgie build starting, this time around a BSA Bantam. Take it from me, this thing is co-oo-ell!