100% Biker 142

100% Biker 142
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I was going through our Events pages the other day, prepping them ready for this issue, making sure they’re as comprehensive as they possibly can be, when I was reminded of something Terry Pratchett wrote in ‘Lords & Ladies’; ‘He could shoe anything, could Jason Ogg. They’d brought him an ant once, for a joke, and he’d sat up all night with a magnifying glass and an anvil made out of the head of a pin. The ant was still around, somewhere - sometimes he could hear it clatter across the floor … But that was the bargain - you shod anything they brought to you, anything, and the payment was that you could shoe anything…’

You see, in the past we’ve had one or two moans about our Events pages sometimes only listing stuff for the next six weeks or so. Not long after I took the helm of the magazine, we had to cut down the amount of info on each event so that there’s only the date, the name, the venue, the ticket prices and the contact details because we were getting so many sent to us to be listed and, over the last few years, the number of parties, runs, rallies and shows has increased so dramatically that, these days, we’d need something like seventeen pages to get them all in which would, I reckon, make for a pretty damn boring magazine. It appears, you see, to be almost a vicious circle (or an slightly unpleasant ovoid perhaps) - because the mag has a well-regarded listings section everyone wants their event listed. To paraphrase the great man above, ‘that’s the bargain – you list everything they send you, everything, and the payment is that you get to list everything’.

What I’m trying to say is that if you’ve sent in a listing for an event and it hasn’t appeared yet, don’t fret too much – it will. For this issue, I’ve held Louise the ad lady down (steady …) and tickled her until she’s given us one of her ad pages so that we can get even more of your events in the mag and we’re going to be increasing the number of pages in the next one too … either that or we’ll print the ads really small and give away free magnifying glasses with each issue, okay?