100% Biker 196

100% Biker 196
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Over the last 18 months, we’ve been making a few gentle changes and improvements to 100% Biker, some of which have been the result of suggestions by yourselves at events or by email, while others we thought of all by ourselves!

This issue, we’re pleased to introduce a new occasional series called 100% Getaway. While there are, of course, countless rallies from which to choose, sometimes you want to do something a little different, something that maybe ties motorcycling in with other attractions or experiences. In future episodes, we’ll travel to the Isle of Man and Belgium, but the idea is to give you ideas of quick, budget-based breaks that are bike-based, but with a twist. Now, this is something we can’t do all by ourselves (I’m not allowed to do that much gallivanting!), so we would like your suggestions for days or weekends away. Email editor@100-biker.com with your recommendations.

You can also get hold of us through the miracle of social media. We haven’t quite succumbed to Twitter yet, and I would only fill Instagram up with pictures of cats and puppies and Greeves motorcycles (apparently), but don’t forget the 100% Biker forum which can be found at www.100-biker.com/forums. It’s a bit like a rather comfortable gentlemen’s club with big leather chairs, a roaring log fire and moderators on hand to pour you port. I may have lied about the last bit. There’s some old crusty members (and you can make your own jokes up at this point) but they welcome young blood, so long as you don’t sit in their favourite chair.

For those of you who like your social media a little more instant and busy, there’s the 100% Biker Official Facebook Group which is constantly changing and is an ideal place to ask questions, post photos, find out about events, get hold of me and generally talk squit about anything to do with custom bikes. With almost 17,000 members, there’s always something going on, and here I must thank Jim Graves, my indefatigable fellow administrator, who keeps the group in order with a rod of iron and a bowl of custard. Not always in that order.

Then there’s our ‘proper’ Facebook page of which we’re rather proud and which can be found at www.facebook.com/bikermagazine. It’s a daily round up of news, cool pictures and general randomness. We like to think of it as a adjunct to the print magazine, so we research and write exclusive stuff for it, rather than simply hitting the ‘share’ button and nicking something from someone else’s page. We’ve got a blog too, at 100-biker.blogspot.co.uk, although that’s rather in its fledging stage (mainly because I keep forgetting to update it – I can only cope with so much technology at once). I reckon the only other way we could get more of 100% to you is if we come round to your house and act out each issue to you through the medium of modern dance. And that, dear readers, is never going to happen.