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And so another year has drawn to a close and a new one crawled into existence through the smoking wreckage of Christmas…

It seems scarcely possible that it’s been a whole year since I took up the editorship of 100% Biker. And what a year it’s been. So please indulge me while I perform my own little Oscars’ speech, although I promise not to blub in Gwyneth Paltrow fashion.

Thank you to Jazz Publishing for taking a chance on me as the new editor of an established title and, in particular, to Designer, Lindsay, and Advertising Goddess, Louise, for welcoming me and doing everything they could to make life as easy as possible. We make quite a team!

Thank you to the builders and freelancers who rallied around when I arrived at Casa 100% to find that the cupboards were bare and there was nary a feature in sight, and who ensured that we not only managed to get my first two issues out, but did it with style and quality.

Thank you to everyone who sent me kind words, emails and cards when I started at 100%—even 12 months on I am overwhelmed and humbled by your kindness. Some of you I know, and some I don’t, but every word was read and deeply appreciated. I wish I could buy every one of you a bun, but until my budget increases to the level of the national debt of a small country, that won’t be possible!
Thank you to those talented and devoted builders out there, whether they be in a shed or a flash workshop, who continue to produce remarkable motorcycles. The joy of custom bikes is the continual flow of machines; as I’ve said before, at the end of the day, a bike is just an engine with a wheel at each end (well, usually it is…) and I still find it remarkable that there’s always something new around the corner, that you’ve never quite seen it all. I believe wholehearted that the custom scene in the UK is unrivalled anywhere in the world in terms of variety, quality and innovation. From the shed built chop designed to be used every day, to the haute couture show bike, I salute and thank you all for, well, just doing what you do.

And, most of all, thank you to each and every one of you reading 100% Biker. Without you, I don’t get to do the best job in world—and don’t think I ever forget just how lucky I am. Thank you for your comments, your feedback, your photos and yes, parting with your hard-earned cash for this magazine. In the parlance of the young folk of today, you guys are rulers.

Damn, I said I wasn’t going to cry…

PS. Congratulations to ace designer Lindsay and her husband Charlie on the birth of their daughter, Darcie Joan, on 10th December 2014.