100% Biker 183

100% Biker 183
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It hardly seems possibly that this is the sixth issue of which I’ve been at the helm of 100% Biker. The mythical ‘They’ say that time goes by quickly when you’re enjoying yourself, and that’s certainly the case for me.

Then, just as I thought I had got a grip on this year – we are halfway through, after all – several events have appeared to add even more interest to a crowded calendar. Here at 100% Biker, we’re very proud to be associated with two of those shows, each of which will bring something new to a thriving scene. You can find out all the details in this issue’s News pages, but we think that both events are going to be rather special. Oh, and you don’t see an event using a colon for ages, then two come along at once…

Twisted Iron: The Happening is aimed at those people who toil away in their shed to create quite remarkable motorcycles, some of which you will have seen in these pages over the last few months. It’s an opportunity to study in the flesh some of those machines over which sweat, blood and sometimes a few rude words have been expended, meet the people who build them, maybe win one of the splendid Artisan Uprising-created trophies that we’ve sponsored, drink beer and admire the gyrating talents of go-go girls, The Meyer Dancers. Profits from the Happening will go to the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust, a cause which is also dear to our hearts.

Meanwhile, up the mighty M1 motorway, will be Kickback: The Custom Motorcycle Show. Well, just off the M1 at Donington Park, to be accurate. Holding a custom show on the country’s primary motorway might be regarded as a little foolhardy or feckless. Having established its presence on the yearly rota while in its former home at Beaulieu, organiser Lorne Cheetham couldn’t pass on the opportunity to run The Custom Motorcycle Show at a venue with decades of motoring history. We are delighted to be associated with the event, and I’m particularly pleased as it will be an opportunity to see once again so many people who attended another show at the same venue last year. In fact, if you did, then you’ll be in familiar company because Stu Garland, one of the (slightly) elder statesmen of the UK custom motorcycling scene, will be working with Lorne on the show to ensure that it’s a huge success.

Alas, the only fly in the ointment is that both events are being held on the same weekend, personally providing me with a whistle stop tour of the country. For my faithful stalkers out there, I shall be at Twisted Iron on Saturday 20th September before attending The Custom Motorcycle Show on Sunday. I hope to see you at one or the other, or – like me – both. And, if you do turn up at both events, I shall buy you a bun!