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This year, in case you don’t know, is the 40th birthday of the National Chopper Club. And over the last 40 years they’ve been building and riding custom bikes; proper custom bikes that both look amazing, and are also rideable. Rideability is a big thing with the NCC; their bikes have to be be capable of dealing with the miles or they’re no use to man nor beast. The Club do four Runs a year, one on each of the four main Bank Holidays, to different sites all around the country, and also abroad too, so there’s no point in having a purely ‘show’ machine; it might look good, but if it can’t cover the ground…

And over the years they’ve built some of the most extraordinary customs to grace this planet. Everyone will have their favourites, of course, and some of mine, to name just a few, are Hank’s ground-breaking ‘The Fly’ for instance, and Twizzle’s ‘Enigma’, Jim from Essex’s insanely long ‘Malice in Wonderland’ (which I actually rode… Jim, yer a loony!), Wizz from Lincs’ stunning prismic-tank GSX-R streetfighter (a bike I still desire almost carnally) and… well, you get the picture. They, as a club, have built more bikes that I’ve wanted to take home than anyone else and, as Beano says elsewhere this issue, I get a slightly giddy feeling going to Chopper Club events cos, speaking as a custom bike freak, they’re the closest thing to Heaven you can get.

So for this issue of Biker, we’re celebrating their 40th anniversary by bringing you five Club bikes, and a shedload of pics from two of their biggest events, Diamond Day and the August Mega-Run, as well as a few of their more grassroots ones too. The bikes we’ve picked might not be the showiest ones out there, but they are representative of the diversity of styles that they embrace—no two Chopper Club bikes are the same and the ones we’re showing you exemplify that.

So, we hope you enjoy this special issue and will join me in raising a glass to the Club—40 years done, chaps, here’s to the next 40!