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So, you survived the Apocalypse then?

Yeah, me too… mind you, it might not be quite over; as I write this the world outside my window is white over, and the poor old Future Bike, parked up at the end of me garden, is frighteningly frozen with amazing frost spikes all over it. It’s beautiful, granted, but I dread to think what it’s doing to my battery…

Weather aside, 2013 looks like it’s going to a good’un for both us here at the magazine and the custom bike world in general. I mean, it’s only January (okay, February as you read this) and already we’ve arranged to provide the trophies for Custom Ex:Cel in London this month; we’ve sorted out a date for the 100% Biker Big Biker Breakfast (April 7); and we’ve arranged to sponsor the bike show trophies at some of the best bike events in the country (Bum in the Mud, NABD, and Autumn NABDness, Millennium 2,000BC’s Caveman Bash so far).

On top of that, we’re already on the case of some of the most amazing custom bikes in order to get them photographed for you so that we can showcase them in the mag.

I’m going to tease you by not telling any more about them (I know, I’m a git, aren’t I?) but, trust me, there are some proper stunnas (copyright The Sun, circa 1976) coming up, there really are!

And on a personal note, I’m really looking forward to this year (as soon as this feckin’ cold weather fecks off). Frighteningly, every one of my motorcycles (and me trike) are running, more or less, and I’ve even got me long-awaited Katana on the road (massive thanks to Doug at Badger Motorcycles for all his hard work with that). Yep, it’s been taxed and MoT’d for over a month now, and I haven’t stopped grinning yet. The plan is to run it this year and then, when I’ve sold almost everything I own to fund it, it’s coming apart next winter to be utterly fuc… ahem, turned into something utterly gobsmacking for 2014. Well, that’s the plan anyway… whether it works out like that is a different matter completely.

Right, that’s me done – hope you enjoy this month’s mag, see you next issue!