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So I’m out on the bike the other day, riding back from Wales to East Anglia on A-roads rather than motorways. It’s a lovely sunny September day, the sky’s blue, the air’s quite warm for so late in the year, the roads are reasonably empty, and I’m passing through some of the loveliest countryside that this sceptre’d isle can provide. The bike’s running well, the exhaust is growling away below me, the tyres are warm so my boots make a lovely skiiiishing sound as they skim the tarmac around roundabouts, and generally, it’s a good biking day.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so too – the roads are busy with late-season bikers of all variations making the most of what might be one of the last warm days of the year. The majority of them are, as you’d expect, race rep boys out on their shiny plastics, but there are a fair number of normal bikers on ‘sit-up’ bikes, and even a couple o’ three of us hairy types too.

As I’m riding along I start to notice something that disturbs me a little. And as soon as I spot it the once, I seem to spot it everywhere, and that really begins to set the old mental alarm bells ringing. By the time I get home a few hours later, I’m genuinely concerned, and that’s inspired this month’s editorial. It’s day-glo clothing and the number of folk out there who are wearing it. That day I saw close on a couple of hundred bikes on me sojourn across the land, and about 85 percent of them were wearing either day-glo bibs or jackets, or bright clothing of some sort.

Now I don’t really care what you wear on your bike; it’s not up to me or anyone else to decide what you should or shouldn’t wear. What does concern me though is history repeating itself – back in the ’70s when the helmet law was introduced, one of the main justifications used by the powers-that-be was that the majority of riders were already wearing them. Now, as I said, I don’t really care what you wear on your bike, if you want to be dressed up like a Christmas tree, go for it. But I don’t want to wear day-glo, thanks very much, and I’m not going to be feckin’ happy if I have to start doing so because the authorities saw you and decided to use that old reasoning to make wearing day-glo law, you know?