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So that was it then – that was the summer of 2011. Hmm, pretty much the same as last year then: April and May were nice, June was okay, July was wetter than an otter’s pocket and August was decidedly indifferent. I had hoped that the pattern would repeat itself and it’d be nice in September but, as I write this, me leather is quietly dripping away to itself in the kitchen after I got caught in another short but torrential downpour.

I don’t know about you, but I feel a bit cheated. I, like most folk I s’pose, took this business of global warming to mean that as the planet got hotter, the weather in the UK would get ‘better’ – that it would get warmer and sunnier. The problem is, as any fule shud no, is that weather isn’t the same as climate and if I’d bothered to listen to the experts properly rather than just going “woohoo, more sunshine” I’d’ve heard them say that, while the planet will indeed get hotter, it’ll mean it’ll also get wetter too. Sunny is always good when you ride a motorcycle, rain isn’t. And before you start getting all bravado’d up, puffing out your chest and pontificating that you’re a real biker and you ride in the rain, yes, so do I, but I don’t enjoy doing it. I’d much rather ride in the dry than the damp any day, thank you very much.

And so, anyway, winter approacheth. It’s time to put away the lightweight summer kit and drag out the heavier, warmer and much more waterproof winter textiles, blow the dust off the winter gloves that’ve been sitting on top of the fridge since March, and up-end the big boots out of the cupboard to make sure nothing’s taken up residence in them in the last few months. By the time you read this, me Bandit will have done its last few events of the year and be tucked up under its blankies in the garage (did try and get it in the lounge, door’s too narrow for ‘bars sadly), and the poor old faithful Future Bike pressed into service until I find another winter hack. Me favourite flip-front helmet will have been put into its bag and stashed on the shelf in the hall to sleep gently through the dark, cold months like some sort of hibernating alien egg, and the full-face dragged out and dusted off, along with me fluffiest neck-warmer, and the electric waistcoat dragged out, tested and put onto to charge ready for the first long run of the season.

And anyway, ever the optimist, this winter the weather might not be as bad as last year, might it? We can but hope. See you next month!