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This editorial here may well be one of the most important things you have ever read. What am I talking about? September 25th – the MAG Action Now Day, that’s what.

There’s an EU Regulation going through that, if it passes, will effectively put an end to the modification of motorcycles as we know it. No, I’m really not kidding – if this proposal goes ahead you will not be able to do anything to your motorcycle that deviates away from the original manufacturer’s specification. That’s right, nothing, zip, nada. Forget building yourself a chop or a streetfighter or a trike or a rat, you won’t even be able to change the tyres or the sprockets or even fit heated handlebar grips – these changes are going to make the German TUV look totally lenient. This is the dreaded Type Approval that’s been whispered about like the monster under the bed for years, but this time it’s for real – it’s coming … if we don’t stop it.

Just about everyone has their bike modified in some way or another and many of us ride or aspire to have a full-blown custom – if these proposals get through, you can kiss them goodbye. Even if you don’t ride a custom or want to personalise your bike to make it stand out from the crowd, Type Approval will do away with aftermarket spares – it’ll be factory parts or nothing. That means no pattern parts – no cheap fork seals, no uprated brake pads, no louder/lighter/sexier exhausts, no higher/lower screens, no using pattern bits to repair your bike if you drop it, not even non-standard oil filters – you’ll pay the full manufacturers’ price for anything and everything to do with your bike.     

Alarmed? Good, you need to be – this shit is real. It’s going to happen unless we stand up and tell the powers-that-be that we don’t want it to. That’s why it’s vitally important that you get out on September 25th and show them the strength of our displeasure. If you don’t, then you’re effectively helping them to kill off the biker lifestyle – that’s the bottom line. You’ll be helping them put an end to everything we hold dear.

So, go to page 65 and read what Paddy from MAG has to say and then contact your local MAG group and find out where your nearest demo is going to be and get along to it. I can’t impress on you how important this is – we need to win this or, to put it bluntly, we’re fucked. It’s as simple as that.