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Good day all, how are you this fine day?

Was having an interesting conversation the other day with the landlord of a pub that puts on rallies. He was saying that, at a recent event he’d hosted, he’d noticed that people in the field beside his pub were drinking a lot of beer that they’d brought themselves and weren’t coming into the pub to buy from him, and he wasn’t overly happy about it.

Now I can see both sides of this. On the one hand, there is a recession on and not all of us can afford to pay pub prices for booze and food, so buying a slab of beer from the local supermarket and strapping it onto the back of your bike can make the difference between having a good weekend away and being stuck at home pissed off while all your mates are out having a good time. On the other hand, I can see why landlords of pubs and clubs start to see their arses at folk who do this – as anyone who’s not actually clinically dead will know, pubs are closing at an astonishing rate throughout the land due to the fact that it’s far cheaper to buy alcohol from supermarkets these days. Pubs can’t compete with the prices that supermarkets can sell their booze at, we all know that, and it does seem a little unfair to turn up with your own hooch at a place that makes its living from selling it. You see, hosting rallies, while it may bring in a short term influx of trade, is always more work for the landlord than not hosting them, what with licences and extra staffing and what-not. And so you can see why they start to think that, if everyone starts bringing their own booze, it may not be worth their time providing the premises for you to party at. It is, after all, a kind of symbiotic relationship – you, the rallyist, gets somewhere to party and the landlord gets an increase in trade to make it worth their while providing said place. If folk then stop buying the landlord’s beer, which is the whole point of their existence, then why should they put themselves out? It can actually end costing them money too – they have to deal with all the packaging left over from your purchases as well as missing out on receiving your hard-earned coin. Skips, etc. aren’t cheap and all the extra cardboard, cans and bottles that you bring need to be disposed of correctly.   

So what’s the solution? To be honest, I haven’t a flamin’ clue – I just thought you lot ought to know how some folk who impinge on our world think. You could apply the same argument to clubs who run their own bars at rallies – they’re losing out just like the pub landlords are. Perhaps next time you buy a couple of packs of your favourite tipple to take away to a rally you can stop for a moment and just have a think about what you’re doing? Mind how you go…