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Sometimes people make you despair, don’t they? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I always try to see the best in everybody but just occasionally, and thankfully it is just occasionally, you come across fuckwits who really just (a) don’t have a clue and (b) aren’t interested in listening to anyone else’s reasoned opinions over their own blinkered ones.

There’s an Internet forum I go on, because it’s a useful way of getting info and, most days, someone on there makes me laugh, that’s populated mainly by sportsbike-riding IT types who wear shirts and ties at work and who think that our kind of bikers are Neanderthals with personal hygiene problems and that’s fine by me ‘cos I don’t want to spend time in the real world with them anyway. Most of the time they’re fairly harmless, but a recent thread on there did get me thinking - it was one about MAG, who it represents and what it’s done.

The thread starter was a colourful leathers-wearing GSX-R knee-down knobhead who thinks that riding round and round in elongated circles is the be-all and end-all of what riding a motorcycle is about and proudly proclaims that ‘MAG don’t represent me’, declaring that he saw someone with a MAG banner recently and they were ‘typical fat, bald riders, with big beards, dark glasses and the compulsory camouflage gear. I have as much in common with them as I have with the slug in the garden.’ And another on there said, ‘I don’t believe either MAG or the BMF saved us from anything, like MCN they invent the ‘problems’ then tell everyone they have the solution. They have made absolutely no difference to my life nor will they ever get any of my coin’.

Now at one point I’d’ve tried to explain to them that without MAG (and the BMF) they wouldn’t be able to ride their GSX-R1000s and do 100mph wheelies on country roads etc, and to their credit some folk did try to but got shouted down, but after a while I find I really can’t be bothered to bang my head against these fuckwits’ prejudices because … well, they don’t seem to be intelligent enough to understand. Sadly, there seem to be more and more of them every day too and not just amongst the sportsbike riding community – sadly more and more folk in our walk of life are starting to say similar things too. Are there really people out there who are so blind? Really? I’m amazed. Ever since I started riding bikes some 28 years ago, I’ve been aware of what MAG and the BMF have been fighting for on our behalf – it must be lovely to have your head stuck so far in the sand that you can drift blissfully through life completely unaware … or are such an arse’ole that you’ll happily let other people do you fighting for you and reap the benefits without raising a finger to help.