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One of the things I’m proudest of about this magazine is that, despite our status as the underdog of British custom bike mags (something we actually revel in, y’know!), we still manage to get some of the biggest names in the custom biking world to work with us.

If you look back over the mag’s history you’ll see that we’ve had bikes from sunch luminaries as Vic Jefford, Exile Cycles, Jesse James, Roger Allmond, Nick Gale Custom Cycles, the World Champs-winning Shaw Harley-Davidson, Nicolas Chauvin, Simon Harris, Steve at Taylormade, Trike Shop UK, and Trike Design to name but a few, and we’ve had contributions from some of the best freelancers in the business too, including all the respected voices from the now legendary AWoL magazine – not a bad achievement for such a little magazine, I think!

Well, I’d like to add another name to the list of good folk and it’s someone I’m particularly proud to have on board. You see, ever since our regular (he’s big on his bran, you know) biker philosopher (well, he is, as anyone who’s ever met him will know) Laurie decided to go into semi-retirement, we were having a mild panic about getting someone of similar calibre to replace him – they were big shoes (well, Dockers anyway) to step into. Thankfully, the gentleman who has stepped up to the plate is equally erudite or, as I’m sure he would say, ‘erudite as fuck’. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I’m very proud to say that, as from this issue, we have Rick Hulse, Chairman of the NABD and frontman of the Smacked Arse Comedy Roadshow, writing our ‘Tailpiece’ column on page 82. I’m sure that you know that, if you’ve been reading custom bike mags for any period of time, Rick’s been writing some of the most entertaining stuff around for years under a variety of pseudonyms, but we have him here working under his own name … and probably without a safety net too.

What’s also worth mentioning this month is the fact that we’re also starting a new series of ‘How To’ pieces on subjects that you lot have asked about time and again. The first one is on how to prepare bodywork for painting and next issue we’ll be looking at doing simple artwork. I know it may sound a bit below some of you old hands out there, but it’s something we’ve been asked for time and time again so have a read anyway, you might learn something. It also goes to prove that we do listen to our readers too … eventually anyway.

Right, that’s it, I’m off to Oz, see you next time!