100% Biker 138

100% Biker 138
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So 2011 then … seems a shame to start the year on a sad note, but that’s what we have to do as, you see, this issue sees the last ever ‘Last Thing’ by our long time contributor Laurie. I’ll let him tell you about it in his own inimitable way, but it is a shame.

I know things have to change, everything does in time, but there don’t seem to be that many of the old guard who have been doing this custom bike journo thing since the early days left now – the folk who made me want to do this job in the first place are slowly leaving the fold, and their replacements are few and far between. Thankfully, he won’t be leaving us entirely so there is some good news, but his eloquent musings on just about every subject under the sun will certainly be missed. Don’t be a stranger, eh Laurie? Keep in touch, yeah?

And while we’re talking about writing an’ that, if you’ve ever fancied a go at doing this then 2011 could be the time to have a go. We’re always on the lookout for new writers and folk who can use a camera so go on – get out there, do something. I can’t guarantee we’ll use everything that’s sent in as there’s only a limited number of pages available in the magazine, but we will look at whatever you send in and judge it on its own merits. So the next time you’re at a rally or a party with your trusty digital, bang off a few snaps and send ‘em in – you never know where it might lead you …

Oh yeah, just one last thing – Christmas. Don’t know what you got, but I can guarantee you didn’t get what I did – three bags of coal. From a mate. Now, as far as I know it was tradition that if you were bad then you got coal at Christmas, but three bags? What am I? Pol Pot? Mind you, even that pales into insignificance when you consider the same friend gave someone else diarrhoea … no, honestly. He gave them a slice of some pie which turned out to have apricots in, to which matey is allergic, and voila. ‘What did you get for Christmas from (name withheld)?’ ‘Coal, you?’ ‘The shits …’

Happy New Year!