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Originally Posted by Doro
here's the quote

Vehicles first registered before 01 April 1986 are exempt hazard warning requirements so you should be ok.

but he also says that he isn't sure and needs to get an MOT manual to check - we await clarification with bated breath - no - can't wait lol, I'll check out the MOT regs. on their site!
For my trike it was originally a 1985 US Max, reg book for bike had 1992 import date, was MSVAed as trike in Jan 2004. Failed then due to lack of hazards (oh, and exhaust too loud ) - the fecking MSVA manual my trike builder had did *NOT* mention that hazards were a requirement - the test centre were kind enough to photocopy the "missing" pages.

For 2nd MSVA hazards were fitted with audio warning (reversing type buzzer). On/off switch hidden out of sight to stop some fecking kids running the battery down.....

Went for MOT end of last year - MOT people never even asked whether hazard were fitted let alone wanted to test them...

Originally Posted by Mustang Boy
A Trike only needs hazards and fog light if it's over 450 kg's then its MOT'd as a class 4!!! It's the law!!!
Trike is over 450kg (470 from memory), MSVAed and MOTed fine without fog lights. Also don't remember what class its under but don't think its class 4.

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Trike is over 450kg (470 from memory), MSVAed and MOTed fine without fog lights. Also don't remember what class its under but don't think its class 4.[/QUOTE]
Well it is a class 4 if it's over 450kg and therefore (SHOULD) have fog and hazard lights.

i've just had the same thing, as per usual most MOT testers are as in the dark as the muppets at the ministry.

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Default Muppet? Moi?

Dear All,

You do not need a rear fog lamp on your vehicle if it is a trike (Class 3 or 4) or a quad (all Class 4).

The last big change to the MoT (Class 3/4) was Aug 2004 when Section 9 was introduced to give testers guidance on testing trikes and quads. There are no changes on the horizon as far as I know. As I've said before if you have a query with your MoT ask to see the manual. Page 4 of the introduction explains about vehicle definitions. and section 9 gives additional advice on testing trikes and quads.

The lighting requirements were brought into line with the MSVA requirements. The biggest p*sser was with the hazards which had always been in the MoT but rarely applied to trikes by testers.

Cheers All

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Default wiring diagram please

Ok so I need them boo. So has anyone any idea how to wire them up or has a basic wiring diagram to help this eejat.
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