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Old 16-12-2011, 12:44 AM
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Default heaven

A Mu*lim dies and by some error in handling ends up in heaven. He`s stopped at the Pearly Gates by St-Peter who says sorry, but we don`t allow Musl*ms into Heaven.
What? replies the M*slim, and why Not?
Well, we just don`t !!
The Mus*im complains and carries on until St-Peter gets fed up.
Well, says St-Peter--have you ever done anything good in your life?
Ummm--the Musli* replies. Yes, the other day a lady stopped me on the street collecting for a children`s charity so I gave her ten pounds. Last
week I donated ten pounds to the Cancer Society and a couple of weeks ago a tramp asked me if I could spare any money so I gave him ten pounds too!
Alrighty then says St-Peter--wait here and I'll have a quick word with God.
Five minutes later St-Peter returns and says to the *uslim.

Listen, I`ve spoken with God and he agrees with me---

Here`s your 30 quid back, now f*ck off!!!
Beauty is skin deep; ugly goes right to the bone
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