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Old 24-11-2011, 02:15 AM
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Default Would you believe it

A mate of mine works in a computor sales and repair shop in town..he is not adverse to smacking someone in the mouth if they deserve it..


Yesterday a couple of young men he knows came into the shop and offered him a car cd player, he looked at it and asked them how much they wanted for it..45 they said..so he looked at it again and said "I'm not going to pay you 45 quid for this".."Why not?" they asked.."because it's fucking mine." he replied..when they asked if he would buy it he recognised it and told them to wait a moment while he went out the back and checked his car, they had broken the back side window to get in..He told them to come up with 200 to replace the window by tomorrow or he would turn them in to the police and beat the shit out of them..last I heard they were rushing around trying to raise some money.

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