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Old 26-11-2011, 01:22 AM
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Originally Posted by johnr View Post
and thats all the fault of johnny foreigner is it. you really want to stop learning the bnp manifesto off by heart

My opinions have absolutely fuck all to do with any political party. I could not stoop so low as to join a political party. Any group of politicians comprises most things I despise all in one group. My opinions are my own and formulated without any outside influence of any kind. That scares a lot of people especially those that try to inflect thier cosy ideas on others.

tbh i agree with a lot of what you say, the care system in this country is shambolic to say the least, the lack of decent aftercare for the uks former military is equally shameful, ditto education, the nhs, local authority housing, etc etc. but its not the bloody fault of the foreigners.

Maybe not entirely the fault of foreigners, I also hold our spineless politicians and the PC Brigade partly responsible. There are no grey areas here. Just for a minute cast aside your holier than thou attitude and consider this FACT.

EVERY issue facing British society can be traced back to one undeniable hard fact. There are far too many people trying to occupy a very small island. By removing any foreigner that is not making a valid and positive contribution to British society, you leave a lot more space for the people that built our society. The same people that have had to pay taxes and serve the country as required for many generations. Now, due to the reverse discrimination promoted by people like yourself, we have to stand back and watch all manner of foreigner waltzing in to my country and helping themselves to everything they want at our expense. There is NO INTEGRATION. Immigrants do not pay taxes or National Insurance contributions. The vast majority have huge extended families that are below the working age and therefore cannot legally contribute to the society they drain. Instead thier parents drain British resources to educate and care for them. The huge addition of so many non British people that are here by false asylum claims is a massive drain on a system that was designed to cater for those that make contributions to it. There are fewer and fewer people adding to the pot and a vastly increasing number of scroungers taking from it.

for every asian malingering on the dole, there are a handful of immigrants working the long shifts in the shitty poorly paid end of the nhs cooking cleaning and wiping arses. for every fake refugee there are plenty of folk doing the jobs that nobody wanted to run our industries hospitals and care homes. and for every snot nosed chav robbing his way through life, there are many many ordinary poor people of all colours and creeds living at the arse end of society. its not black and white, or even christian and muslim. the shit we are in today is an issue of haves and have nots.

Those immigrants living at "the arse end of our society" are NOT helping this country at all. For every one that is doing a menial job there are huge extended families that are NOT WORKING at anything other than collecting benefits, being educated at our expense, being given free health care that WE pay for. The number of asian families that have hordes of kids that are somehow entitledto claim child benefit for every one of them, costs a damn sight more than the pennies they pay in any taxes. The money they have is always recycled within thier own communities. It is not new money that they have generated by manufacturing or service industry.

the decline in the standards of care of the sick and elderly doesnt have its roots in the influx of poles and iraqis, it goes back to the rush for privatisation of key services in the health and care systems in the 1980s and 90s,

This is one thing I blame our spineless politicians for. IMO healthcare for the genuinely sick and vulnerable should not be allowed to be a source of commercial gain. We pay NI contributions for our health service. Those contributions should not be used to subsidise private enterprise. Allowing mass open door immigration, has allowed private companies as agents for the NHS to capitalise on the immigrants being prepared to work for minimum wage. That minimum wage is still significantly higher than what they willearn in thier country of origin. Add to that the fact that those immigrants claim and recieve benefits such as Child Allowance, Tax Credits, Council Tax Benefits and subsidised housing, thay are living the good life.

the far right eutopia of 'send the buggers back' wouldnt save the uks care services, it would sent the nhs and the care industry in to a vertical drop. as much as you dont like it, its the immigrant workers that are holding the nhs together, personally i couldnt care what colour the hand that holds the scalpel is, so long as its owner knows his or her job. you just want to hate everything none white, but you dont even have the courage of conviction to say so, using the 'non reflective' tag just makes me think how little we have moved forward as a society in the last 50 years.

Check your facts before you spout such utter bollocks and bullshit. I have received several PM's from the admin people on this site asking me to refrain from making comments that could be seen as racist. Hence my expression "Non reflective".

I do not want to hate anything non white. I actually hate pretty much anyone living in my country that is NOT BRITISH. This is ENGLAND, part of the BRITISH ISLES. I personally cannot bear the thought of seeing us BRITISH people as a minority in our own country. The country I was once so proud to serve.

this isnt the rambling of as you say a bleeding heart lefty, and i sit in no ivory tower. you offer no solution but more hatred, and havent the last 50 years in europe shown us just how much of a dead end that is. as for being sanctimonious, dont make me laugh, you call me that because you think you should have carte blanche to spout your rambling right wing biggotry without anyone else being allowed to speak up. like many on the far right, you hold strong opinions, and the strongest of those opinions is that nobody else should be allowed to hold any of their own.
You are clearly unable to read and digest anything other than that which falls into your cosy, rosy tinted views on reality. There is no point in my putting forward any suggestions because our gutless politicians all have the same attitude to the problems facing us as you hold so dear and want to try and infect others with.

You appear not to like my comments about a number of issues and disagree with me on them, which is your right. Just remember how that right was won FOR YOU. YOU did NOT EARN it. With that right comes responsibility. You object to me holding strong opinions, yet constantly spout your own and criticise me for disagreeing with you. Hypocritical to say the least. I served queen and country to the best of my ability and would still be doing so now if it were not for getting badly injured several times. I served because I believed in my country as it was. I now work bloody hard for my club because I believe in that as a way of life. The closest I have ever come across to the moral standards of service life.


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Old 26-11-2011, 10:22 AM
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Drop it chopper it's just a wind up.

Beauty is skin deep; ugly goes right to the bone

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Old 26-11-2011, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by John Hopkins View Post
Drop it chopper it's just a wind up.

Yeah! A big of wind has less puff!

We let more in the people for the already stretched service's, services that are facing, cut aftrt cut... JR maths don't add up! So just ignore him...
If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all. Michelangelo
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