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Old 09-02-2011, 11:03 AM
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Default handbrake cables

not sure if its of much use to people, but thought I might share my latest findings

Im building a trike using sierra rear brakes, so for simplicity I bought a sierra handbrake cable, made by QH paid less than 6 for it brand new and bagged

I obviously knew that I would have to play about it it, as I only need about 2 foot and 3 foot cables.

then I discovered how useful this cable is.

the ends are obviously terminated in the loops that you hook over the levers on the calipers, and its one long centre cable that I will cut down.

the outer of the cable is like a huge spring, bit like a plumbers bending spring, however the fittings at the end of the cables you put to the handbrake are screwed onto the spring like exterior

internally the cable is lined, and the control cable itself is plastic coated, I took the cable and bent it through 180 degree, CLR of about 6" and the cable movement was only very minimally affected

so the upshot is that I can cut the inner cable, remove it from the outer, then work out the lengths that I need unscrew the ends, cut the outer down, and screw the ends back on, factory looking cable, with built in infinite adjuster.


the outer is silver and a bit rough, however some heatshrink sleeving from maplins etc will cover it nicely, as well as offering the chance to colour code it should you wish.
nowt of much use here
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Old 09-02-2011, 05:19 PM
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if you make it all up and take it to a yacht chandler/rigger they will be able to crimp the cut end where ever you need it crimped.

these work very well as cable adjusters too....

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