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Old 24-02-2010, 11:21 AM
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Default Trike wheels and PCD

Hi peeps newbie here on the forums,well this one anyway ! thought i would post this for some trike builders,just in the process of having another trike built,came across age old Problem "Wheels" as there are so many about finding ones that fit are a nightmare,now unwittingly and not checking i am using a MG axle,and boy did the fun start because it being an old Brit car and being typical it had a pdc of 101.742 which gave me one major headache locating wheels,being quoted 300+ for 2 15 " did put me off a bit anyway after a lot of net searching i came across this site lists nearly every make model of Car and its PDC[stud pattern] so thought i would post it to help others out,also found a comapny in the states that will do Wheel adapters and change the PDC,the unbelievable part was how cheap they are inc postage to Uk mine worked out at 82! comapred to 150+ here anyway heres the links hope it helps some :

this link loads a bit slow

Wheel adapters:

the above also do custom sizes
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