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Old 14-02-2009, 10:58 AM
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Default VN1500 Carb

Right; the story so far.

VN1500 Classic 1997, started running really rough. Went to bike shop after trying couple of things they tested compression and one cylinder was seriously down. Left it with them to remove engine and sort it (said do both cylinders whilst it was out). After much time the engine was remounted and tested. I was told it was running rough until higher revs, then it ran smooth (opposite of original problem).

Settled that bill and had them deliver it to another mechanic. When he fired it up (and when I fired it up likewise) immediately saw that it was only running on one cylinder until higher revs, when the second cut in. He removed the engine and checked the work that had been done - basically fine. He has tried everything to resolve this problem. Autoelectrician tested it and says not electrical (we were thinking CDI).

Really leaves the carburettor. If anyone has one that is known to be running right they could lend us, or even a running secondhand one to sell we could test it rather than forking out for a new one and fidning it carb after all.

If you read all that and have (useful) suggestions - that would also be appreciated
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