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Old 21-09-2008, 09:45 AM
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Default evidnece people do read old issues of TRIKE

Well yesterday sat having a fry up to assist in hangover recovery, my phone rings, no one rings me, and I mean no one, just call me Billy.

On the phone is the guy who painted Mistress Makers trike that was in issue 4, he says "had an enquiry about your trike", Im confused and get him to explain slowly as my head still hurts. I say "give him my number and tell him to ring me in a couple of hours when I'm more with it."

couple of hours later my phone rings again,

So it transpires that some one is building a trike and they failed sva on rear brakes, saw ours in old magazine and was trying to contact me, to see what bits and bobs Id used to do the brakes. Had a chat explained the bits and bobs, hopefully a happy chappy.
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