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Old 27-07-2008, 10:35 PM
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Default registering a trike


have just actually managed to finish my trike, and have a lovely MOT certificate for it but what i want to know now is what do i need to do to register it as a trike...its a bike derived trike with a bolt on back end and no frame mods so i know it just needs taking to my local dvla but are there any forms i need to get and fill in prior to this or do i just book a appointment?

secondly what company are usually fair with insurance quotes for trikes?

thanks,off to noddies now
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Old 28-07-2008, 10:52 AM
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Yes it is all bolt on.
but its still not as simple as that.

your donor axle needs to be new or reconditioned.This was
my first obstacle as I used a reliant axle from scrapyard Id had kickinng round 4 2 yrs.
Got a friend with a garage to write me leter on headed paper to say he had reconed it. Also on our site is a scrap merchant(not breaker) I fix his machines so he was happy to write also, saying he supplied the axle.

Anyway you dont want to hear about my hole build.

So you need from the start proof of where parts came from. The more you can give the better. Mine wernt receipts but thier preference is.

Build your trike without welding or cutting the existing frame.
Use as many of the donor bike patrs as possible e.g frame,forks,front wheel,front brakes,engine/g.box rear shocks (if used) even if you intend to change them once on the road.

once your trike is built get it mot. you dont need it to be registered 4 mot.
next get it weighed at a registered weighbridge. ring first as some weighbridges are not calibrated down low enough 4 trikes. i found a local farm which had 1 starting from 200 kg my trike 300 kg. get it insured.

armed with all yor receipts mot weight. go to your local dvla office (you can find this in local pages )dont bother ringing they just put you through to swansea.
tell them you have built a trike using most of the original bike and have paperwork 4 rest of it.
you will then be given a form to fill in.
it asks what vehicle each major part of the trike came from(if you can give chassis no and vehicle reg even better!
there is a point system cant remember it now but will try and dig letter out and post later.
anyway if your following this you should have enough points.
once you have completed the form(hopefully you should be able to do it there and then,i couldnt as i didnt know at the time i needed reciepts,weight etc.)

once they are satisfied with this they will guve you an apointment to have it inspected. this isnt half as bad as it sounds. they basically just walk round the trike and record frame no engine no amount of seats nothing is tried or tested they dont even turn key.

on the day of your inspection is the first time you can legaly ride your trike there and back. of course some of us have to ride to mot and weighbridge. of course make sure you are insured and have it with you as you will need to change the taxation class to tricycle. this should all happen on this day.and take the reg document as this will be sent off 4 changes.

that should be it all on the second visit.

it wasnt 4 me i had 4 visits before that final day. but hopefully i have helped anyone following this should only need the 2 trips.

of couse just cuase you say you havent altered frame dosnt mean you havent. check yodas pics on general chat forum thread angry harley riders and see what you think.

itwas thank to someone else on the web saying try the dvla first that saved me the msva. hopefully ive just made it that bit easier eith this.


please post back with any more questions

Thats about the size of it.
I've done similar this summer but didn't have any of this New/reconditioned/reciepts stuff, It was a lot easier than wierdbeard makes out. As all I did was replace the swinging arm,there were enough points to satisfy DVLA. There are quite a few builders going about it in the same way. I can't get the links to work but have a look at Here's Mike.R's post from 24,10,04 or johno 74's post from 26,8,05.
There are a few other posts on this forum on this subject if you are bothered to look, including a good one on the procedure to go through. There are also a couple of Trike tec articles by Alik in the magazine on the subject, so there is nothing new or magic about it.

Im glad 2 hear it can be a lot easier.

think me biggest problem was didnt know about it before i built the trike and used 2 many second hand parts from different vehicles.mainly in rear suspension. was told by man at dvla had 2 prove origin and new or recon axle 2 avoid msva and the more receipts the better chance.

heres the point scheme 4 radically altered vehicles you need 8 or more to avoid msva

chassis original or new 5

suspension front and back 2

axles all 2

transmission 2

steering assembly 2

engine 1
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Old 28-07-2008, 10:59 AM
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shaggy696969 shaggy696969 is offline
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Insurance, top deal I got at Bikesure at Adrian Flux, I believe oneleggedfreak on here works there.
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Old 31-07-2008, 07:37 PM
master_of_wishes master_of_wishes is offline
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thanks for the info,will give dvla and insurance people a ring

hopefully get it legal in a few weeks
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Old 05-08-2008, 01:23 PM
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Default hi there M.of W

Sounds like an album title (megadeath?)your handle,anyhew..........

Just sorting through some stuff and found a form they use for modded bikes so tis probably same one you need(less they've done changed it

Built Up Vehicle Inspection Report V627/1


"All I learnt at school was how to bend and break the rules",Madness

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Old 05-08-2008, 04:57 PM
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Yeah If I can be of any help with the insurance questions/quotes just give me a shout/PM more than happy to help in any shape.
Stay Safe
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