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Old 07-08-2007, 07:43 PM
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Default Bikeawareness - epetition reply

Some of you have probably got this:

Details of Petition:

"With the increase in the concern of motorcyclist safety, and the introduction of a harder bike test in 2008. I petition the Prime Minister to also introduce steps to further educate car drivers on being more aware of motorcyclists, as it as all too common for them to say "sorry, never saw you", after an accident. The further education can be done via an extended or revised driving test, theory test or hazard perception test."

Read the Government's response:

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) recognises that testing and training offers scope for establishing and improving the skills of all road users. The driving test has been improved in recent years. The practical test now provides greater opportunities for driving examiners to assess how candidates react when they encounter vulnerable road users during the test. The theory test is benefiting from the addition of the hazard perception element and the question bank is regularly reviewed to ensure the questions relating to attitudes towards and awareness of vulnerable road users continue to reflect conditions of the road. DSA has been asked to do a root and branch review both of how people are taught to drive and how they are tested, with the aim of reforming fundamentally the way people learn to drive. The new system must ensure that learners can drive safely, not just master how to control a car. DSA is still very much in the planning phase of this important piece of work and intends to consult publicly on a package of proposals later this year.

The latest published accident figures show that over 28% of fatal motorcycle accidents are single vehicle accidents where the motorcycle ran off the road and hit something. Excess speed and the inability to turn properly are often cited as the problems, particularly on left hand bends. Of the remaining accidents involving cars, in 61% of these cases the car driver was held to blame and in 39% of the cases the motorcyclist was to blame. In nearly half of accidents excessive speed by the motorcyclist was involved.

The Government has placed an increasing priority on motorcycle safety publicity aimed at car drivers and urban and leisure riders as part of a wider THINK! road safety publicity campaign. Since 2001 the publicity has been completely refreshed and now includes a TV advertisement for the urban environment that shows how drivers and motorcyclists need to look out for one another, entitled Mirror, Mirror. There is also radio advertising, posters, leaflets and public relation initiatives.

DSA endeavours to ensure, in every category of vehicle, only the drivers and riders who demonstrate their ability to drive or ride with competence and with the ability to foresee and avoid the mistakes of other road users, are given a licence.

My responce -


Trying to blame bikers for drivers inability to see lumps of metal in the middle of the road...
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Old 07-08-2007, 07:58 PM
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And yer surprised?
We will remember them.
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