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Old 04-08-2007, 03:59 PM
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Unhappy Still Wingless

2 months later and the moron (I'll justify that) has just managed to get his insurance company to agree to pay for all the damage he did. Bill is standing at nearly £5000.
No courtesy bike. No phone calls/ emails to update me.
He actually called me to say the bike was ready to pick up 3 weeks ago and when I went, it had big scrapes in the fairing, some new bits weren't fitted correctly, cracks in the bodywork, the left side of the fairing was loose as was the mirror. He had the wrong aerial fitted (no suppressor) and all he could witter on about was how he could understand how there was so much damage!

Moron? He still hasn't stripped the bodywork to see what damage has been done underneath. He wants to wait until more parts have arrived.

Chris Gunster of Grimsby. Do not go there.
“Any fool can be uncomfortable”
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