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Old 20-09-2006, 01:46 PM
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Default Anyone who did the KillSpills Rally


Issued 20th September 2006.


I have just issued the following MAG press release regarding Transport for London issuing Penalty Charge Notices to riders who strayed into the bus lane in Park Lane during the Spillskills rally on the 9th September.

If you were issued with a ticket during the rally please read the text below which advises you NOT TO PAY THE FINE and what you need to do.

If you belong to a motorcycle web forum we would appreciate if you could post this advice up.

Kind Regards

Trevor Baird
Director Of Public Affairs (MAG UK)

KillSpills Rally - TfL Egg on Face

Issued 20th September 2006

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) say Transport for London (TfL) has ended up with egg on their face again.

In July MAG awarded TfL a "Raspberry Award" for their motorcycle awareness video and campaign due to its gratuitous intention to shock and unintelligent message that bikes are bad and dangerous.

On the 9th September 5,250 riders supported the biggest KillSpills rally highlighting the lobby of Government on the danger of diesel spills to all road users.

MAGs Director Of Public Affairs Trevor Baird said, "The rally and the KillSpills team are the legitimate voice of riders on diesel spills, the team sit on the relevant sub groups of the National Motorcycle Council to deliver the Government's National Motorcycling Strategy."

Despite the rally being escorted by the Police from the Ace Cafe to the Houses of Parliament, Transport for London have started issuing Penalty Charge Notices to riders who strayed into the bus lane in Park Lane.

Stephen Edwards, KillSpills Campaign Manager says, "We will do everything in our power to help riders with this ridiculous fine.

KillSpills have been advised by the Metropolitan Police to inform any KillSpills Rally Rider, Marshal or Team Member who has received a TFL fixed penalty notice for riding in the bus lane along Park Lane to e mail Steve@KillSpills.org.uk with the following details.

Your Name

Your Address

Reg no.

Date of issue.


Date Time.

KillSpills will notify ALL riders who contact us that we have received your e mail. If you have not received conformation within 2 days of e mailing us, re send your e mail. We can only help you if you let us know you have received a penalty notice.

The Metropolitan Police, will write to each of you giving you a letter to return with your form which will cancel the fine. Obviously, riders will only receive a letter if the time of the offence coincided with the rally.

So if you were prosecuted for riding in the bus lane at 10am, sorry we can't help.

During rally times however, you were riding under the instruction of Police Officers and therefore you have nothing to worry about.

Time is of the essence here, you are advised NOT TO PAY THE FINE, but we need to ensure that you get the letter from the Police and return it with the penalty notice to TFL within the 28 day limit.

REMEMBER, we need your details, I will compile a list and send it to the Police, so they can start issuing the letters.

KillSpills apologises for any inconvenienced caused and thanks the Metropolitan Police for helping our campaign once again."



1) KillSpills website and forum www.killspills.org.uk

2) You can download Government Report KillSpills 2006 report at http://www.network.mag-uk.org/Diesel...Spills2006.pdf PDF 33MB in size.

Issued by

Trevor Baird
Director Of Public Affairs

The UK's Leading Riders' Rights Organisation

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Old 20-09-2006, 02:04 PM
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good result if it works,,,,,,,,,
[fuck um all ya might miss a good un
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