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Old 01-09-2006, 04:48 PM
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Default Reminiscing threads

I was going through all the old biker thread
and noticed that so many people were brought up with rock music and bikes

Now i wasnt, I found bikes on my own non of my family of friends were into bikes and i was never drawn to sports bikes of road bikes, it was always custom bikes, even my GS250T was sprayed on the top floor of a block of flats using halfords finest (although most of it was on the stair well and walls) it was **** - but it was my ****

Rock music not my musical taste, was brought up with rock n roll and black music Both of which i still prefer today, you could name band members from all the big bands and i would hand on heart say Who?

cant remember how i decided i wanted a bike or that customs were my thing i just remember something just clicking and at went on from there and my 14 years of biking is young compared to some

i think i am trying to make a point or an observation at least
Bikes and rock music are tied as such, and I can see a natural flow between the two, but what about when rock music is the equivelent of what Mario Lanza is now? what then will the tie between bikes and rock music still be there or will it evolve onto another music type?

so thats it not sure what the hell i am on about but it sounded right in my head


yoda yr gwefan

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Old 01-09-2006, 04:56 PM
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I was brought up listening to queen, iron butterfly and rod stewart, my old man and his 5 brothers all had bikes back when it was mods and rockers but i dont remember any of them having a bike when i was a kid. My old man bought me a crosser when i was 12 and soon found out i was a right nutter on it so he bought me a bigger better one and helped me get into racing.
At 15 i had a bad accident and never raced again but never lost my love for 2 wheels. I like all bikes but havnt got the bottle to race about so why ride a race style bike ?
I like me rock music but also love techno / dance when im in the mood.
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Old 01-09-2006, 05:10 PM
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Red face

The bike thing just happened... so long ago I don't remember what started it. I do remember turning up to book my bike test and being looked at funny cos I was a girl, but that was 20 years ago! It had to be modified stuff, too bloody short to ride most standard bikes. Still have dreams about being 5'6" always wanted a Z1.......

Never did rock music, still don't, prefer somthing I can dance to, I'll take the dance tent everytime.

Last edited by Helene; 01-09-2006 at 05:14 PM.
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Old 01-09-2006, 07:46 PM
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back in about '67 i heard a 'record' on the wireless. paint it black it was by the stones and it was the first track to actually make an impression on me. i kind of gravitated towards the darker, heavier music and by the early seventies i was the scruffy little fucker takin' the piss out of the other kids at the school disco (as they were me no doubt) and then, like i said 1974 came, i jumped on a garelli, liked this two wheel malarky and, well.....nothing much has changed

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Old 01-09-2006, 08:11 PM
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Roof here.........jake's concubine )

I spent my holidays in Yorkshire and my cousin had bikes galore......always tinkering with them with me by his side and when he went off to test them I was always on the back..........me mum caught me once........so we had to be careful after that..........saw a few bad accidents and sadly I never rode a bike, except once when I had someone on the back and went around a field and then they jumped off......eeeek! but if I had I think I would probably be dead now coz I love speed!
Actually rode our mates bike at the Ogri last w/e but I don't think I've got the balance...better on a horse!!!
So I love bikes and rock...........nothing like a good head banging session to Deep Purple or Led Zep...........so yes I do think they go hand in hand most of the time..........Tyrranosaurus Rex..........dreamy :^)

Free the binary 10
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Old 01-09-2006, 09:14 PM
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my ole man was a rocker and hence i was brought up on rock music, he also had a bonnie combo which he took me out in....
then around about the teens, my sister started to hang around with the local biking element and i got on with them brilliantly, they taught me how to ride, first chop i went on was my mate 'wilburs', hardtail job, went for a 50 mile run and i got off it with a big smile on my face, wanting one, but feeling i had been raped

the rest just carried on from that...

my first 125, i was t-boned by a copper on call, broke my left wrist, right hand and fractured my jaw.....i was pretty fucked for having a wank, until one of my sisters girlfriends took pitty on me and helped me out for a couple of months, she taught me a thing or 2



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Old 01-09-2006, 10:15 PM
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My dad was an RAF copper. And an officer.
When I went to boarding school in Germany you had 3 choices. You swatted, you joined the skins or you joined the grebs.
Couldnt get to grips with wearing jeans at half mast and braces and having seen an old school H.A. on the side of the road near Stansted one day many years ago, (I was 10) snogging the face off some gorgeous red head, I decided bikes, hair and rock was the way to go.
It also pissed the old man right off.
'Specially when I rode a mate round the parade square at RAF Spitalgate on my Garelli at midnight.
And when I bunked off school, days at a time, to go up the 'hills n hollers' on an old Bultaco.
Those were the days................

Eee, when I were a lad................
Live each day as if its your last.
One day, you'll be right.
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Old 01-09-2006, 11:02 PM
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Default Bikes

My Dad rode on the wall of death....But it's not heredetary so I didn't. John
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Old 02-09-2006, 06:30 AM
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I come from a non biking famley, my big brother liked bike but has never owned one. he was scared off when a bike hit him head on brother broke a finger, biker walked away. not even a cratch. wrote off both car and bike.

i got into bikes mainley coz thay were cool and fast £ for £. alwase loved the look of chops but did not want to be on of the flock on harleys and also not that rich. but had my first ride on a chop after my RGV250 ran out of fuel on the sydney harbour bridge and was given a lift to a petrol station and back by a back patch waring clubie. an a hard tail harley. now i juat had to get me one of those.

as for the music. i like thrash, rock, pop, punk, tenco/dance/drum and bace, 70's and 80's kitch, rock and roll. even a bit of clasacal. yeh most music except will young and travous types. I know what you are saying about the bikes/rock think but i just do my own thing but that said i have almost alwase ridden on my own too. or maybe i just smell
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Old 02-09-2006, 07:13 AM
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Me dad used to race and ride bikes Lots of Vellocetes, BSA's etc) until he shattered both his legs on a Vellocette KTT (still his fave bike for some odd reason). Anyway, always had some sort of bike around until i was 8 or 9 and got me own. Cant even remember what it was, some little 50 trials bike thats all i remember. Got to the age of 12 and there was either Skins, Punks, mod's or biker/rocker type's. Well i drifted into the Skinhead thing (still had trials bikes) and when i turned 16 i got a fizzy to travel around on, go to work etc. Never lost my interest for bikes even though i got more and more into the Skinhead thing. Most of me mates were more biker types anyway and to me anyway it seemed Skinheads and bikers had a lot in common if not dress sense. Did do a lot of trials and enduro stuff though (Grew up in Mid Wales)
Anyway, started doing bike rallies back in the early 80's to which caused a few funny look's but never had any trouble because i usually said i was on a bike and the ones that had started hadnt got bikes so it kinda blew their argument that i shouldnt be there out of the water.
I eventually got out of the Skin thing about 11 years back after getting into quite a bit of trouble, court cases, forever being photographed by coppers at footie matches etc etc (yes, i know i hate football but wasnt there for that). Had a list of charges dropped against me which was a lucky break so thought enough is enough, time to turn invisible (which is hard when your 6 foot 6).
The great thing was motorbikes were always my escape from everything else, no matter what i was wearing or into so always stuck with them including the rallies etc. Got pissed off with the rallies though when you got more and more crusty tree hugger types going in camper vans and the likes. Got more aggro from them because of my past etc so stopped doing rallies for 6 years which changed as of last year.
Anyway, the two things through all of my life that have been consistent are that ive always had a motorbike and theyve always been my escape, release, fun etc etc and my passion for the great outdoors.
Music wise its gotta be Oi! Punk, 70's/early 80's rock like AC/DC, Led Zep, Motorhead etc. Some of the old Ska and 2tone stuff to but gotta be in the mood.
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Old 02-09-2006, 07:36 AM
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Suppose I'm a bit like Yoda... no-one in my faily had bikes, 'cept my Grandad, and even he, like the rest of them tried to warn me off bikes many many times. always been drawn to bikes, why? Dunno, guess it was the fun aspect.

As for the Music, I can listen to most things, depends on the mood.

"Geek with Attitude"
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Old 02-09-2006, 08:43 AM
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was into bikes from about 13/14 yr old,messed about on old peds,left school 67/68,first bike not road legal beeesa bantam,then tiger cub,music wise ,stones,then ltr 69/70 sabbath,an stuck wi heavy music ever since,,,,,cant stand much else,likes jonny cash,me an me brother had various bikes btween us,ajssss,beesa,s,ariel hunter,best out ov the lot was the road rocket,,,,
[fuck um all ya might miss a good un
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Old 02-09-2006, 09:28 AM
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i was always interested in anything mechanical and spent a lot of time fixing the car with dad and going out in his machine shop in the garage (he also had a lathe in the front room maybe thats where i get it from) dad always liked bikes even tho he had a bad smash when he was 20 on a royal enfield continental gt smashed his leg up and spent 6 months in hospital and was told he would never walk again even tho he does now (with a limp) mum allways said that i would never have a bike while i lived under her roof she always hated bikes cos they were dangerous so i moved out and got one a honda cb 750 which i streetfightered since then i have had several bikes inc a gsxr 1100 2 trikes and my chop i do like rock music tho i also like dance or r&b mostly anything really
cant understand it - women always object to the lathe in the kitchen
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