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Old 01-11-2004, 12:09 AM
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Default Building a Trike - rear axle/wheels

I've been searching for a few months for some nice rear wheels for my project trike. They had to be deep dished alloys, hopefully to match my interesting Honda Bros front wheel. After days of searching the internet I found the perfect wheel - American Racing 'Ventura'. These wheels have 3 pairs of round profile spokes and are deep dished alloy. Impossible to find in the UK, but about $90 in the states. Unfortunately the suppliers in the States want about $100 each wheel to ship them to the UK. BOLLOCKS.

So I searched the old faithful Ebay, and found a guy that sells Jeep parts (read Wrangler/Cherokee Jeep). He was selling 1 of my desired wheels at 25 starting price. That will help, I will only need to shell out **** loads of money for one then.
He also had a BRAND NEW PAIR of other American Racing alloys which looked interesting, starting bid of 50. I'll go for them then.

I already had a pair of tyres from a kitcar project I did about 5 years ago, that weren't used at the time, and have sat in the workshop ever since. I needed some 8''X15'' wheels to fit them on. Guess what?? Yep, that's what size the wheels were. Unfortunately, some knob chased me up from 50 to 150 in the last few minutes of the auction.

Now I need an axle to fit the wheels. I'm going to fit a solid axle to the back of the trike. No suspension. Keep it simple.

So, I figure the axle from a yankee (yuppee) Jeep is going to cost me hundreds. Check out the wheel stud pattern catalogues and find that Toyota and Mitsubishi trucks have the same stud pattern. I phoned the local commercial vehicle breakers, and they want 100 for an axle. BOLLOCKS.

20 years ago, my best mate was the son of the village scrapyard proprietor. I've moved a dozen times since then, all round the country. I gave him a bell (after a few years of nil contact) passed the time of day for 10 minutes and told him of my dilemma. 'Toyota truck' he says, 'they fit a Ford Thames van'.
20 years ago, me and Kev used to bang around in Ford Thames vans. They were hard to find in those days, cos they were made in the late 50's till about 1965 when the Tranny van took over. Kev was a big fan of them back then, and bought all the Ford Thames's that we came accross.

'I've still got all those Thames's in the yard' he says. So, I went down there yesterday, with my fancy new wheel in hand and checked it out for size. Perfect.

Apparently, the Ford Thames axle and later MK1 and 2 Escort axles have interchangeable guts. The Escort axles have a massive selection of Dif. ratios available. Perfect.

I gave Kev 20 for the Thames axle and have to collect next week. Once I've got that in my grubby mits, I will have everything I need to mock up the trike.
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Old 01-11-2004, 03:45 PM
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Hi, bit lost, but have you now got your wheels etc

if not then the reliant and vauxhall combo never fails

the offset of genuine vaux is ET45, and most aftermarket are ET45 or thereabouts, this with a wide rim will give the appearance of a much narrower rear end, without having to narrow it, no worries about breather as you can putthe axle whichever way up you please, and its light, with fairly effective drum brakes

I search the car forums, I managed to get 2 17" wheels, multispoke, silver with polished rim, fake split rim style, with good tyres for 100, when a boy racer smashes the car up as this chap had, the first to usually eat kerb are the wheels, and who in there right mind would want 2 or 3 car wheels?????? LOL LOL hence the silly prices.

just as a slight side note, watch the gearing etc, my CX trike that I had years ago, was on 14" steel rims with a fairly high profile tyre, but still the gearing was out, accelerated like hell, but topped at about 95 on the speedo
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Old 05-11-2004, 06:01 PM
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I started by finding the style of wheels that I liked. Then I had to either modify an axle that I already had to match the stud patterns of the new wheels, or find an axle with the same stud pattern. So I managed to find an axle for 20.
I am planning to mount it hardtail, so I don't have to mess with suspension, and also keep the lines of the trike simple. I am probably going to make a new frame, as I have the technology and equipment to do it with.
I used to live in Barnstaple and go back there fairly often. I'll have to come round and have a natter about trikes.
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