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Old 23-10-2010, 07:45 PM
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Exclamation XJ1100 Maxim trike for sale

Ok, lets just get on with this, I don't want to do it, but I don't want to get kicked out of my accommodation either. I have too many bloomin vehicles (according to some neighbours at least) , so the least used one has to go. This has to go to a good home where it will be used and loved and not just sold on though, I'll keep it and risk the neighbours' wrath rather than just see it traded on down the line for profit.

Ok enough sob story.....

This little gem, is an XJ1100 Maxim Trike, (Yankee equivalent to XS1100), properly registered as tricycle, wearing a 1981 "X" plate running as a trike since 1991.

It is a "swing arm" type conversion one of the strongest I had seen in years of running bike and trike shops, that belonged to one of my customers before I bought it from him. I had to close my shop this year and take a job for somebody else!

If you want I.R.S then this is NOT the one for you. It is motorcycle all the way up to the rear end, with a shortened reliant axle in the one off cradle/swing arm assembly, so nicely narrow but not about to fall over easily.

It has custom paint on the tank, and nicely chromed covers on the engine, a recent battery, and fly screen have been added. Handlebars changed from Maxim standard to High and wide honda cb 900 custom, Front brake master cylinder taken from a cbr900.

Rear wheels are 14" steelies on the reliant stud pattern, with good tyres on them, rear end has useful luggage rack, great for rallies/camp outs! The exhaust is a modified motad xs1100 item, throaty, but not stupidly loud.

Steering is firm, but not ridiculously heavy, handling is good, one or two up, my partner and I are both larger people, no issues when riding. Head set bearings are very recently changed. Top speed more than adequate for trike riding.

The whole package is not totally spotless, and there are some areas that could stand a rub down and repaint, or a bit of tidying up, so there is scope for your own customisation there but it has a long M.O.T until August 2011, and Tax until February so can be ridden away, no need for trailers or large vans etc.

I am preferably looking for 2,500 for a cash sale. I might accept a part exchange (motorcycle) up to a mutually agreed value of 1,000, but this would have to be shaft drive. I don't really want straight swaps as I need to raise some cash from this transaction.

Anyway if want to make comments, do it here, if you want to view it, to see what its really like (photo's lie remember!), then you can pm me here, and we'll organise it all.

Some pictures here:-


Let the insults/abuse/sniggers/daft offers or bidding commence.

Thanks for looking folks
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