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Old 07-07-2011, 06:37 PM
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Default Its a crack - LITERALLY - Can anybody help??

Hi all, well last weekend was the NABDonia rally in Wales and after a few months of work the trike was running sweet as and we were really looking forward to it. Got all the electrical, fuel and exhaust issues sorted and everything else seemed great, apart from a very small leak that appeared to be from one of the axle oil seals as I was getting the odd drip, got from where we are, near Stansted airport, to Watford Gap services all was going great, 10 miles on from there my mate pulled me up to say that my rear brakes appeared to be smoking, then I noticed the centre tread on the rear left tyre was blistering. pulled over and it appeared that somebody had hit me when we stopped at the services as the mudguard appeared to be rubbing on the wheel, whilst trying to figure out what to do we noticed this
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Yep, the axle has cracked and bent!! so thats me stuffed!

If anybody has a 'spare' reliant axle at a fair price and would be prepared to sell it to me, I am more than willing to pay for the axle and the cost of delivery. Alternatively I am wondering whether or not I will be able to weld it as long as the half shaft isnt bent or damaged, there isnt any grinding when it is free wheeling but not sure if I am being over hopeful about repairing it and basically pissing in the wind!!! Any help or advice would be appreciated, any axles would also be appreciated, but I do realise that people dont tend to have perfectly good reliant axles laying about not needed. Thought it was worth a try, cheers all
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