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Old 21-02-2012, 11:56 AM
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Default Reply from Green MEP re EU legislation

Keith has asked me to thank you for your email to him on the proposed EU
Regulation on Type Approval and Market Surveillance of two and
three-wheeled vehicles and to respond to it on his behalf. Please accept
my apologies for the delay in replying. Keith represents over 8 million
constituents in the South East and we receive a large volume of
constituent correspondence on a daily basis so it can sometimes take
longer to respond than we would like.

Keith is aware of the concerns that have been raised by many bikers in
his constituency. Unfortunately Keith does not sit on the Parliamentary
committee dealing with this regulation, the Internal Market and Consumer
Protection committee (IMCO). Our office, however, is in regular contact
with the relevant Green Group advisors to this committee, and Keith has
sought advice from his Green colleagues who sit on the committee, and
has made them aware of your concerns and those of other constituents
both about the content of proposal and the timeline for adoption.

For Keith, the safety of riders and other road users is of the utmost
importance. Therefore while he understands concerns over the cost of
some of the proposals, if they truly make riding safer then this is what
he will support.

Keith is however concerned by the suggestion that ABS may actually not
make riding safer and has highlighted this with colleagues. You may be
aware that the London School of Economics is conducting an impact
assessment, which Keith is looking forward to reading in this regard.
If you have any studies or reports to back up this claim please don't
hesitate to forward them to Keith.

The impact assessment, along with the expertise of his colleagues, and
the concerns of his constituents, will inform how Keith votes when the
matter comes before Plenary later this year. Thank you for helping Keith
to make an informed decision.

Thank you again for raising this important issue with Keith, and
apologies again for the delay in responding. To find out about the work
that Keith does as an MEP please visit his website:

Kind regards,


Grace Murray

Office of Keith Taylor MEP
Green Party MEP for South East England
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Old 22-02-2012, 08:38 AM
wearthefoxhat wearthefoxhat is offline
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When I lobbied my MEP's last year, The Green Party came across as the party most likely to support the Framework Directive.

At least he has reversed the comments he made in the reply he made to me, that ABS was good, no ABS was bad and it would save lives.
I had mentioned the problems with ABS on 'dual purpose' bikes; that I had such a dual purpose bike and it had a switch; if I decided (unlikely as that might be) to go off roading, then I could switch ABS off, but to fit mandatory ABS without this facility would be dangerous and would see the end of this type of bike. I pointed out that ABS on any loose surface was dangerous; and did that put an onus my local council to keep the lanes clear?

Those questions were ignored because specifics cannot be covered in standardised cut and paste answers

So..are the Green Party actually listening?
Hope so.
Nema jebene bonbon
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