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Old 24-08-2007, 11:15 AM
Maggie B
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Default Help my tongue feels like a Hamster-& other marvellous requests for advice

Ga-hahahahaha. the things they ask(no, its not me)


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my tongue feels like a hamster!!!! crohns?

hey everyone, i have had a furry tongue since i can remember its not painful just damn right horrid!! its covered by a white/yellowy coating that is quite thick i can get rid of some of it with a tongue scrapper but it always comes back........PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS IS?? I have had tried pastels, mouth drops etc, and it makes no difference...i have trouble with my bowels and am being tested for crohns disease, does anyone have crohns with this symptom? i would be soooooooooooooooo grateful for any feed back!!!! thanks x
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Old 24-08-2007, 11:16 AM
Maggie B
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also :-

Large 'dent' in buttock after fall
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Large 'dent' in buttock after fall

Three weeks ago I fell down some stairs and landed heavily on my bottom.

It was very painful and I ended up with a large fist-shape black bruise on my right buttock.

The bruise has cleared up nicely but I now have an unsightly horizontal dent on my right buttock - it's quite large and basically looks like the imprint of the stair I landed on!

I'm really worried - it shows through tight trousers of skirts and I think I've done some permanent damage to the fat cells and the dent is here to stay.

Does anyone know if/when it will go away or is plastic surgery the only way to get back to my former shape?
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This sounds like fat necrosis. Its likely there will always be a bit of a dent here but it will become less noticable. It could be 6 months before you know what the eventual appearance will be.
I don't know anything about cosmetic surgery but you would be wise to wait until then before having anything done.
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Old 24-08-2007, 12:40 PM
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Sounds to me like the two problems may be related..Furry tongue...keep it away from arseholes...dent in arsehole...try not to be so suprised when someone sticks their tongue up your arse... John
Beauty is skin deep; ugly goes right to the bone
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