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Old 14-04-2015, 05:27 AM
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Default We've won a corner unit......!

When I say "we" I mean "Her"! She's on an Ercol hunt again! We've won an Ercol unit on Ebay. So now I've got to collect it from Kent somewhere. I have had to rope in my cousin cos he has a "Sportbrake" that will take the unit in the back without me having to hire a van, just the bloody thing uses as much diesel as it will to cost to hire a van!

Ok! the next thing I stupidly asked is "Where is it going?"
Her: "In the corner in the living room!"
Me: "Oh, so where is the display cabinet going?"
Her: "In your study!"
Me: "What? Where? There's no room!"
Her: "Yes there is, I've measured up."
Me: "Huh?"
Her: "I'm having the two cabinets and the bookcase that's in your study, the small bookcase you have is going behind your door, and the long dresser in my room is going in your study, freeing up more space in my room!"
Me: "Excuse me but that dresser is full of your crud!....."
Her: "you'll just have to store it, you've got room......."
Me: "And where are the books going to go and the stuff that's in the two cabinets? Hmmm?"
Her: " The books can go in your two big bookcases, all your "displays" (years of my youth of dinky cars and knick knacks collected over the years she's talking about here!) can go in the display cabinet!"
Me: " FFS! Why can't this corner unit go in the corner behind the door, where the pot plant is?"
Her? "I won't be able to see what's in the Corner unit!"
Me: "You can't bloody see what's in the display cabinet now, so putting the corner unit there won't change!"
Her: " But it's Ercol!"

End of conversation! FFS!

how come buying one piece of furniture ends up in the rearrangement of half the rooms in the bloody house?
Does my belly look big in this?
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