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Default Trike Tek Index list

Just so you know what was in when etc....
Issue 1 Nov/Dec 99
Other than the novelty of owning the original "First" issue 'Trike Tek' only ran to one page and carried some info that's out of date by now. Caused quite a lot of argument about which rad to fit on car trikes but in the end I was right.! OK then; actually 5 years later, people still insist I'm wrong.

Issue 2
3 pages. Further cooling system debate. Very basic trike chassis layout with diagrams. Sound ideas about chassis design/stress points etc
Issue 3
Cooling system bleed valve to prevent air locks. Rigid axle 'U' bolt clamp. Method to connect bike prop to car prop. Description (and diagrams) explaining the difference between a Ford and Reliant axle.
Issue 4
How to make engine plates to fit any bike engine into any frame. As an example we mounted a 250 MZ engine into a Harley ironhead Sportster chassis. The fabled 'Marley Zavidson'.... Tee hee.!
Issue 5
Suggestions for hand tools. Altering a Reliant clutch arm to operate on the left instead of the right. How to make a seat cover.
Issue 6
Rear mudguards. How to widen rear guards without welding. Adding a guard section to accept a rear light.
Issue 7
Wiring an inhibitor switch on automatic gear boxes. How to make a headstock. Two methods with diagrams.
Issue 8
How to make a selector gate for an auto box. Brief 'how to' convert a bike to trike
Issue 9
'How to' mount a Jag IRS axle
Issue 10
How to build a trike that is safe and reliable. Review extolling the virtues of ZX1 oil additive
Issue 11
How to design a trike your size to fit you.
Issue 12
4 page How to convert a 3 piece Reliant axle to chain drive, complete with oil tight chain cover.
Issue 13
4 page How to wire a car engined trike. Basic diagram & details.
Issue 14
Idiots guide to wiring a car engined trike.
Issue 15
Building the Ford 'V'6 engined SVA trike, rolling chassis stage; considering 'Rose' joints & rads. Make an auto box oil cooler for nothing. Description of building an exhaust system from purchased bends and tube.
Issue 16
Making a trike propshaft. Mounting a servo unit sideways to save space. A few what not to do's on trike forks and steering.
Issue 17
Explaining different types of rear suspension, steering 'Castor' angles. Building the rear 'bodywork' on the 'V'6 trike.
Issue 18
Full description plus photos of building the 'V'6 rear body including wheel arches and mudguards.
Issue 19
Welding. What kit to buy. What type of welder for which situation.

Issue 20
How to weld; gas, arc and mic techniques explained.
Issue 21
Update on ZX1 oil additive test. Superblend lead substitute fuel additive. A couple of donor engine thoughts and painting with spray cans
Issue 22
How to wire a handbrake/fluid level warning light. Talking about front ends and brake systems. How to 'tube' box section steel so that mounting bolts don't crush it.
Issue 23
How to add an electric cooling fan switch for a couple of quid. How to mount a cheap air filter onto an expensive Harley without spending money. Everything you ever needed to know about automatic gearboxes.
Issue 24
The SVA test experience. Not really relevant since the MSVA test introduced
Issue 25
Answers to readers trike questions. Attempt to describe how a rear axle differential unit works
Issue 26
Tow bracket that drops over tow ball and take trike front wheel. Almost worked too. If our towbar hadn't bent. How to improve handling.
Issue 27
Proper description of 'tubing' box section steel for mounting structural items. How to make a posh seat base without welding or measuring.
Issue 28
Explanation of leading link forks, springer and girder front ends as well.
Issue 29
getting the 'V'6 project trike through the SVA
Issue 30
Exploding a few myths about trike building; should you build or buy.?
Better description of building exhaust systems from bends.
Issue 31
Part one of building the Suzuki VX 800 bike trike. Narrowing a Reliant axle. (by eight inches.!)
Issue 32
Part two of the XV 800 Bike trike. Making the swing arm, fitting the axle as a welded in item... Yet still being able to dismantle the diff.
Issue 33
Making and fitting the VX 800 bike trike propshaft using an alloy spacer to ease removal. Very handy tip that. Plus another quick look at the cooling system bleed valve that cost about two quid to make.
Issue 34
How to register a trike (pre MSVA) Making a fibreglass front mudguard for 10
Issue 35
Stop better. Brakes, pedal ratios etc
Issue 36
Understanding different types of rear suspension.
Issue 37
Electric's. Explaining what the bits do, basic circuits, wiring relays into your system. Start & charging plus ignition diagram for car trikes. Bike charging circuit.
Issue 38
Useful tips. How to stop a Reliant gearbox jumping out of gear. Use a Rawl bolt as an extractor. No gearbox diagram etc
Issue 39
Which wheel fits what chart. Everything you need to know about wheels
Issue 40
How to make a front end using a car wheel . Floating disc calliper mounts etc.
Issue 41
Initial findings about MSVA proposals
Issue 42
How to build a Reliant engined solo. Which we then cut up to make a Reliant trike in 4 weeks which only cost about 400 to make.
Issue 43
Part two of the 4 week Reliant trike build.
Issue 44
Having built the Reliant trike, and ridden it for 70 miles, we cut it up. rebuilt with narrowed Reliant single sided, hub centre steering front end and lay down (front) shocks.
Issue 44
Yeah that's right... Two issue 44's, so call this one 45 OK?
Update on Reliant. Where to get specialist parts to finish your trike; such as angle speedo drives, lighting catches etc etc. Several catalogue suggestions for cheap consumables and tools
Issue 46
Making stuff out of fibreglass. Where to buy it, how to use it, using spare bodywork as moulds and formers.
Issue 47
Making budget (light weight) leading links with floating callipers for about 40. Explaining why leading links work so well on trikes.
Issue 48
Kawasaki Intruder Trike part one. Stripping Ford Sierra donor axle. Making the independent rear suspension parts from scratch
Issue 49
Eliminator Trike part two. Mounting suspension parts, diff etc.
Issue 50
MSVA Regulations.
Issue 51
MSVA lighting regulations with diagrams. 1st glimpse at our BMW R100RT flat twin donor bike/combination. Easy to make 'fancy' instrument binnacle.
Issue 52
Eliminator Trike. Making the prop & shortening the drive shafts.
Issue 53
How shape and design is dictated by basic engineering rules. Building strength into chassis. Considering stress points in frames.
Issue 54
Hazards lights. 4 different methods and full explanation for fitting them; plus parts list.
Issue 55
How to fit a starter inhibitor (stops you starting the trike whilst in gear) design and diagrams. Introducing the Kwack GT750 donor bike. How to make swing arm axle clamps from scratch. Brief progress report on BMW R100RT trike.
Issue 56
Part one of Kawasaki GT750 bike-to-trike build. Making the swing arm & prop. How to make a chassis jig for about 4 quid.
Issue 57
Part two GT750 trike. Making widened metal mudguards and under seat exhaust. Simplified Hazard light wiring diagram.
Issue 58
All you ever need to know and ignore about the towing laws.! Bike/trike, folding, trailer conversion from camping trailer chassis; cost us about 40 to make. Simple & cheap towing dolly for large/heavyweight trikes.

Issue 59
How to improve your bike trike rear brakes by fitting larger (car type) master cylinder. Making necessary linkage etc. Plus making a fold flat MSVA test approved ignition key without spending money
Issue 60
Review of past Trike Tek's
Issue 61 Trike Tek index. Cutting and folding sheet metal.

For back issues call Claire on 01244 660044ex320
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