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Old 19-04-2012, 12:03 PM
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Smile reliant axle identification

i have been given an axle from a reliant 3wheeler rear axle but it is a bit rough and the brakes need work.iam planning on a complete refurb of the axle.i thought they were all the same but it turns out their not. how do i find out what axle i have and does any one have diagrams for the axle and the brakes.iam now going to use this axle on my bmw trike instead of the rascal axle hope this is better any help is most appreciated thankyou
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Old 19-04-2012, 07:24 PM
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Basically there are two types with a few different ratios.
If the diff' casing is in three parts, i.e. two similarish side plates and a central casing then it is an early Regal/Supervan type.
If the diff' casing has a side plate on one side only - the rest being cast as one then it is the later Robin/Rialto type.
Diff' ratio is "A" prefix approx 3.25:1, "B" is 2.78:1 if I remember right but is easy enough to count by turning the prop' or counting the no. of teeth on the crown wheel/pinion.
If you are flipping the axle to get the drive in the right direction (not sure which side the shaft is on on your 'bike) don't forget to swap over the brake plates side to side... otherwise you'll end up with trailing edge brakes.
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