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Old 15-12-2011, 09:14 AM
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Default man o the hoose...

Wee Jimmy had just finished a new book called "How to be the Man
of your House" and decided he was taking action.

He barges into the kitchen and announces to his wee Scottish
wife, Mary, that "from noo oan, you need tae ken that am the man o'
this hoose and ma word is law. Right?. So, the 'nite you'll prepare me
a gourmet meal o' ma choice and then, when I'm finished eating you'll
serve me a sumptuous dessert. After dinner you're comin up the stairs
wi' me an we'll hae the kinda sex that a want for as long as a want it,
and then you'll run me a bath so a can relax. You'll wash my back, then
dry me wi the towel and then help me intae ma fleecy Rangers pajamas
before you massage ma hauns an feet. Then the morra mornin, guess who's
gonnae dress me an comb ma hair?"

Mary says, "that will be the fucking Funeral Director"
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