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Old 25-09-2011, 09:36 PM
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Woodhall services at 12:35...
And some time later M1/M18 junction
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Old 25-09-2011, 10:00 PM
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Well I started to get dressed at about 7.30, it was raining so I put a pair of Tesco's jeans a pair of Asda jeans, a pair of RAC waterproof trousers donated last time I was in Torquay and complained because now my bike had broken down the bloody sun had decided to come out, my old leather jacket and a waterproof overjacket and set out on my Black Shadow..It felt a bit as if the front end was not connected to the rest of the bike, the forks have a mind of their own, how it passed the MOT I'll never know...The GPS lied to me as I headed out into the storm and told me to head for the A48 towards Chepstow..I think it thought the sun was shining so we would take the pretty way (probably all that rain between me and the satellites blocking it's view.) Half an hour later I was in one of the worst rain storms I have experienced since the last one, talk about easy rider, so sod it, "lets see if this bike is going to blow up and embarrass me..At 80 on the M5 with a strong wind and rain running down the inside and the outside of my helmet I still had loads of throttle left, even 90 still left plenty. The rain kept up all the way to Exeter when as I approached the outskirts it stopped. I punched in North street and spent about an hour on a tour of Exeter, when I installed the GPS I thought it would be a good idea to fit the waterproof cigarette lighter socket upside down so that it wouldnt fill with water..great idea sherlock..The plug kept falling out and resetting the GPS to start again..probably better to follow road signs..So I headed for the M5 services..I had to remove the waterproof overjacket so that anyone who wanted to could see the white marker 100% on my leather jacket, I looked around and counted about a dozen other bikers, there were more but after 12 I get confused and use numbers like more, lots and many...some of you may have looked at the youtube footage a post or two back..I think they got everyone except me.. now look at this picture..

Ignore the bikes, ignore the ruffians standing about making horrible faces at my camera...LOOK AT THE BLOODY SKY...

The journey home was clear, the bike performed really well averaging 80mph all the way, I didn't fall off although I probably picked up a few tickets..But I was soaked through to the skin..there is no such thing as waterproof, plastic becomes absorbant in the weather I ride in..I had a birthday party to go to so I peeled off layers of clothing so wet it had become part of me, I filled the washing machine, the leather is beginning to become damp and will need several coats of boot polish to survive and I think one of these days I am going to die...And it will be of drowning..on a motorbike.

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Old 25-09-2011, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by softshoes View Post
did M6 meet from Charnock Richard heading north, good turnour, nice to see a proper cross section of the biking community..bumped into loads of friendly faces..... Plod didn't ruin the fun (well, not for me anyway).. lot's of support from Lorries on other carriageway, and peeps on bridges... and it didn't chuck it down either - bonus
Was a good run, and good to see you again mate.
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