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Old 24-07-2011, 11:55 AM
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I don't know any of the people at any of the dealerships that are closing, nor any of the people that have a commercial interest in them. I hope that those about to lose thier jobs are able to find something else quickly.

Love them or hate them, Harleys are unique and have some very dedicated followers/owners/riders. Much the same as most other makes of bike. In an ideal world, all those that want a Harley would be able to afford one and be able to ride one. I am lucky in that I have been able to own and ride a great many bikes that I have really enjoyed. I can see good and bad points in most bikes. It just so happens that I have a particualr passion for Harleys.

What prompted this thread is the poxy attitude of the dealer concerned. It could just as easily have been a n other dealer of any Jap bike.

SOME Harley owners have an acute case of brand snobbery. HD have attracted an excess of wannabe types that buy an image for the weekend. Sad but true. That brand snobbery has also infected certain dealers who believe in thier own bullshit. Hence my promise to break the nose of the sales guy first time I see him outside the premises.

I used to earn a hell of a lopt of money selling cars and vans in major dealerships, plusa hell of a lot more selling finance and warranties at the same time. I had a great number of repeat customers. They came back to me time and time again because I looked after them, treated them with respect and LISTENED to what they had to say.

Riders of Bridgwater have failed to grasp the fact that customers pay wages.Thay have lost sight of the fact that there is a finate number of wannabe buyers that fall for the "Live to Ride" image bullshit. Many of those people are not the sort that most members of 100% forum would associate with.

The majority of HOG members do not actually own the bikes they ride as they are on fancy lease hire agreements. Most HOG members have no idea what it is like to burn the candle at both ends to put a bike together in the shed. Reliant on the help and advice of true mates that will sit in the freezing cold with a cup of tea and figure out a way to make something work so they can join their pals on a weekend. They cannot understand what it means to take a lump of metal and turn it into a living breathing machine that is the pride and joy of the owner.

I have not always been able to afford to buy a new Harley. I have been reliant on salt of the earth people to help me get on the road. Those same salt of the earth people are the same ones that sat at my hospaital bedside when I was very seriously ill. I have not forgotten those people or what they did for me. They did what they did because thay are the salt of the earth, NOT for any financial or material gain.

Harley Davidson as a company have become the ultimate victim of the number crunchers and bean counters. Thier product has become a status symbol for the wannabe. In thier persuit of the ever increasing and greed driven profit margin, HD have forgotten the vast potential customer base that they have turned thier nose up at.

I will NEVER buy another brand new Harley again. Riders staff saw me as an addition to thier profits. They are not interested in me as a person, a real live customer with wants, needs and dreams that they could satisfy IF THEY DID THIER FUCKING JOB PROPERLY. They (Riders) have failed me badly. I have no idea how many others have been victim of their attitude and greed. Judging on my recent research Riders have quite a few victims that have nothing good to say about them.

If the way I have been treated by Riders is an indication of how they have treated many others, they will soon be following other dealers in receivership. They have NO ONE but themselves to blame either.

It is sunday morning and I have a banging headache. So I will stop rambling


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Old 25-07-2011, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by moonie View Post
seems to be the fashion to knock harleys, yes they are over priced compared to other bikes but most people i know that have both evo or twin cam carb or efi never have a problem with them in fact most of the complaints that are made about how shit they are come from people that dont have one.
wasnt aimed at your comment chopper just at the general attitude to the bike in general that i seem to come across when i mentioned i just bought one. your right about most hog members not owning their bikes i saved like a fucker for mine cause that all i ever wanted gthe hog guys seem to be the harley version of the suburban mondeo man that buys a new car on credit an just upgrades for the new model every couple years.
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