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Old 26-02-2011, 11:34 AM
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hi all iam deano iam new to the trike world (well wanted one for a v long time) iam not working at momment and want a trike but i only have a full bike licence so what restrictions will i have since only having a bike licence ive heard if its over certain size or weight then you need a car licence plus (cheeky bit sorry) anyone know of any basket cases going cheap i dont mind doin work on something i know its cheeky so will appologise now in advance iam based in manchester at momment but will be movin hastings in next 12 months hopefully
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Old 27-02-2011, 10:26 AM
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Hi deano1.

Welcome to the forum,

Don't buy a heap of crap that might cost you the earth to get on the road we had a really nice single seat trike in the classified section a few weeks ago fo 1,500 with mot and a single seat.

I'm fairly sure you can ride that, but they keep changing the goalposts..

They also have changed what you can legally call a trike so if you buy a fixer upper you may not be able to register it or tax it and the insurance may kill you.

Someone else on here will put you straight about what you can ride.. When I got my licence they hadn't even invented the internal combustion engine.

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Old 27-02-2011, 07:34 PM
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To ride a trike you need group b1 on your bike license, so it depends when you passed your bike test, it was around 2003 I think they dropped it from the bike license.......you get a full group b with a car license that covers b1 for trikes.

becareful what you buy as said, so of the cheap fixer uppers are not proeprly registered and you may have problemswhen it comes to MOT time if the mot tester highlights its not as per the V5.
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