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Old 01-03-2010, 12:50 AM
perkin2000 perkin2000 is offline
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Default Hello there!

Thought I'd better introduce myself.

I've loved bikes since I was old enough to look at 'em. I think they all have their merits, but ones that have been customised have a charm all of their own and are most reflective of owners passion.

The first time I ever rode one, back in '93, at 18 years old, I had what I can only describe as an epiphany. It was a 500 trike over a vast expanse of private land. I probably didn't go much over 40mph but the sensation of freedom and ... I dunno, freedom probably is THE word that best describes it?.. It actually bought tears to my eyes. Soon after I had some fun on a beautiful (ever so slightly 'tweaked') Triumph Daytona 500 and then purchased a (ahem) CZ125, which turned out to be a somewhat tractor-like, but fun. Until it got nicked.

After some years of internal debate, I've finally decided to buy another bike. Only, this time, as a grown-up with responsibillities, I'm doing it legally. So it's the arduous process of CBT, 125, and so on. My primary choices are the Honda Shadow 125 or Suzuki Intruder 125. (If anyone can make any suggestions, I'd be VERY greatful!) Whatever I end up with, I intend on making it as 'dirty' as possible during my (hopefully brief) period of legally enforced, L-plate pugatory.

Aside from all the above, I'm heavily into reading, horror films (I've made a few award-winning shorts which is at complete odds with my peaceable outlook on life) drinking heavily, Monster Munch, rock/blues music and making new friends. As well as typing overly indulgent self-introductions on new forums... (Sorry!!!! )

Anyway, good to meet you all, and I'm sorry for the somewhat epic first post.

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